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Sep 14, 2008 04:02 PM


Can anyone recommend a good place to eat for breakfast around the downtown university area (College/University/Bloor/Spadina/Dundas/etc.)

I've tried Kalendar on College and the french toast stuffed with mango was amazing! My friend and I want to hit up other good breakfast joints this month :)

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  1. Kalendar is one of my fave's in this neighbourhood, too. Just a bit further west of there, so closer to U of T, is Auntie's & Uncles. It is on Lipincott, a few meters north of College. A bit funky, student feel (mismatched diner decor) but good food.

    These may be a bit outside your "downtown university" range but I'd also recommend Boom Breakfast on College a block or so west of Ossington and Prague Deli on Queen around Palmerston. Both open early on weekdays, which is hard to find in this area.

    1. I second Boom (now two other locations in Toronto on St. Clair West and Oriole Parkway and Eglinton) and Kalendar.

      If you are willing to venture a bit west, the Lakeview Lunch at Dundas and Ossington is excellent.

      Mars at College just east of Bathurst is probably one of the most famous greasy spoons in downtown Toronto.

      For an Israeli breakfast try the boureka treat at Aroma cafe at Bloor between Spadina and Bathurst.

      For a weekend brunch, Fresh on Bloor (Bloor east of Spadina) is also great.

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        Sorry, but I must disagree with anyone who rec's Boom. Their food is average tending to badly underseasoned, over cooked and their "homefries" suck. They advertise a "$3.99" breakfast that is basically eggs, "homefries" and toast. No coffee, juice or meat. Add all that to your bill and suddently it's a $10 breakfast. They are very lovely, nice people with great decor and service but the food is nasty.

        1. re: stapler

          I've only been to Boom once and I too was unimpressed. Not bad, but not particularly good. If you're willing to go that far west, better options would be Saving Grace, Aunties and Uncles or Mitzi's. Musa's only for weekends. Chinatown is within your parameters as well.

          1. re: stapler

            Add me to the chorus of Boom dissenters. Very nice service, very mediocre food. The fries were a travesty, and everything else lacklustre.

            Saving Grace, on Dundas, is a must, and not too far west of your boundaries.

            p.s. Lakeview Lunch has closed down.

            1. re: stapler

              I didnt think Boom as anything special (ossington-college location). interesting menu, but food underwhelmed.
              I am sure there are better places, and I know there are worse.

              1. re: joshto

                Caplansky's (College/Brunswick) has an interesting looking all-day breakfast menu. I haven't tried any of the breakfast items, but hope to soon.

              2. re: stapler

                Agree that Boom is not great, but a block west of Ossington, also on College, is Mitzi's, where they do amazing things with poached eggs. Great pancakes, too. It's busy on the weekends, nicer to visit during the week.

            2. You could try Saving Grace. It is open weekdays from 9 am and has a very tasty brunch menu. For two with meains coffee and jucie it is about $35 including tax.

              907 Dundas street West.

              Saving Grace
              907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J1V9, CA