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Sep 14, 2008 03:12 PM

Italian market in PDX?

Going to Portland this week for a 2-week stay; will check out some of the restaurants and pizza places mentioned on this board. But we also like to cook for ourselves, and we'll have a kitchen available to us.

Most east coast cities have at least one or two Italian markets: places to get capicola, mortadella, regiano parmegiano, good olive oil, marinated red peppers. And maybe some good vino rosso.

What are the Portland sources for things like these?

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  1. Martinotti's deli should have what you're looking for. also worth checking out is CityMarket @ 21st and Johnson in NW. Viande Meats, Pastaworks, and a wine shop(sorry dont remember the name) all in one building. If youre looking for cheese, Steve's cheese always has a few cheeses youve never heard of and all the usual suspects you are looking for.

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      And they've got a fishmonger, too. And Ken's Artisan Bakery is down the block.

    2. Pastaworks--either the one on NW 21st or on SE Hawthorne.

      1. If you're in SE or NE, definitely go to Pastaworks. If NW, go to City Market. If SW, the Zupan's on Beaverton-Hillsdale has all the things you mention and features a particurlarly good antipasto bar with marinated peppers, some stuffed, mozz, olives, etc.