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Whistler's on Broadview? Any reviews?

Being an East Yorker, I've passed Whistler's a million times. I admit that my curiosity's piqued. Part of me wants to try it - i think its the jazz band that plays on the patio - but part of me is incredibly frightened (the sports themes on the side window, the Budweisser pennants that now line the front entrance).

I know nothing about their food or ambiance. anyone have any experience there? if the food is above average, i'd be willing to try it for dinner and listen to some good jazz.

If it is what i fear it is - Pickle Barrel East York - then let me know

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  1. The food is the usual crappy Firkin style pub fare. Save your money and spend it on beer while you listen to Jazz.

    1. I've been there for brunch/lunch a couple times. Very nice staff. Comfortable surroundings. Food = mediocre. I've gone back because of convenience and you never have to worry about waiting for a seat. I wouldn't rush there for the food though. I haven't gone for the jazz yet though and would go to check it out and have a drink or two.

      1. One experience there, for a workplace staff party with a fixed menu. The prime rib entree was served medium rare and was absolutely delicious. The starter (forgotten), Greek salad, roast potatoes, and mixed veggies were adequate. The rolls, dessert, and coffee were poor.

        The group meal, though clearly not horrible, didn't provide any motivation for a return visit. However, we haven't tasted food from the regular menu. The bar service, very surprisingly, was appallingly bad.

        We could hear live jazz coming from the patio, and it sounded good. It was eventually drowned out by our group's DJ, but what we heard sounded worth the visit.

        Foodwise, I'd be inclined to rate it below the Pickle Barrel, though it's not really fair to generalize from one, limited experience. That prime rib was a very pleasant surprise. Consistency is an unknown.

        1. I agree with all these. Had meals there twice and they weren't awful, but also not memorable. Convenience was the factor which led me to eat there both times, and seating was definitely not a problem.

          1. We haven't been there in years due to a brunch of steak & eggs turning into an ugly disaster, and no compensation from the very cold waiter.

            1. Back in their hayday, (they had two locations -- one on the danforth at vic park) they did a very good open faced and reasonably priced steak sandwich and good fries, sadly that changed sometimes in the late '90s, where they closed one location and got complacent at the surviving Broadview stop.

              1. Reviving this thread. After years of living in the neighbourhood, I have never walked into the place. One of the girls I go to school with told me they just redid the whole upper floor and I was wondering if anyone had been semi-lately and comment on the food? Obviously, would never expect gourmet but it would be good to know if theres another option for a quick weeknight meal, even if it is just basic bar/pub grub (wings, nachos, burgers etc).

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                  Further to the above, another staff party one year later. Steak or chicken this time.

                  Rolls were stale, salad was banal. Steaks were tough, dry, and poorly cooked - either grossly overdone or blue (but still dry). Chicken breast was hard, dry, and tasteless. Veggies were edible. Dessert (I can't remember what) was inedible. --- Most of the group loved it... what can I say?

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                    If you are looking for wings in the general neighbourhood then try the Wally at Donlands and O'Connor. It doesn't look particularly appealing fro the outside (or the inside) but the wings are great! They have a wing special on Thursday nights, not sure of the exact details but I'm always happy with what I pay for a pint or 2 and a basket of wings. I have only tried a couple of other items off their menu and will only ever order wings there from now on!

                  2. It's a bar, first and foremost.

                    The quality of the food is not their main priority.

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