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Sep 14, 2008 02:22 PM

Alert - Civic Center Farmers Market Parking

I just came from the Civic Center Farmers Market and was surprised to find that a meter maid was ticketing cars parked in the middle area between the Library and the Asian Art Museum.

For at least 10 years this area has unofficilally been not tagged on Wed and Sun when the Farmers Market is open. I asked the meter maid and she said they had been asked just recently to enforce the no parking rule. Many disgruntled shoppers came to argue with her.

One would think the City might have posted a warning at least. This will make parking even harder in an already congested area where meters are 25 cents per 6 minutes.

Now I hope the City will do the same for the churchgoers who block my car and my street for 5 hours EVERY Sunday.

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