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Sep 14, 2008 01:59 PM

Margot's in Stamford anywho been there lately

How is is? What is good and how are the desserts? Thanks

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  1. In the Bull's Head market? If that's the one you are talking about, they have great food. Only been there for lunch, but the salads and veggie burgers (and I do not like veggie burgers) were great.

    1. I probably went there on an off day, I guess, but my meal was really mediocre. This is probably about 8 or 9 months ago. I went at lunch. My wife's salad (thought it was a cobb salad, but I don't see them on their menu any longer) was really crummy. My sirloin steak sandwich was fine, just boring. Steak sandwiches shouldn't be boring. But this had too little flavor to be interesting.

      I should go back for another round; it's worth a revisit and another try. I just haven't wanted to since there are just so many unexplored places around...

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        I haven't heard much about since it opened so I was wondering if it is still good. I sam going to go n=back soon, Thanks Adamcylde, now we are soon going to be asking about soups and warm comfort foods,,,, Take care

        1. re: nbermas

          I actually had a delicious soup from Margot's for lunch last week. Chicken & veggies with sausage. It was quite hearty. A couple pieces of their warm crusty bread on the side. It was very good.

          1. re: amanda3571

            Thanks sounds yummy. The crusty bread I am sure was great. I ma still wondering about the desserts also, did you have any?

      2. I have not stopped in recently because:

        1. it always seems to be closed
        2. my husband is not wild about the food
        3. for a casual dinner, it can be a little pricey (only had dinner once there, though.)

        We used to go a lot on Saturday for lunch, but they always seemed to be out of the quiche of the day!

        1. My wife and I had dinner at Margot's last night. It was a wonderful affair.

          My swordfish was delicate and divine.
          My wife loved her pasta with shrimp and mussels.
          The highlight of the evening was a slice of rustic grape pie. Yummy!

          Will definitely be going back soon.

          1. I tried to go a few weeks ago for a late lunch. The waitress told me they weren't serving any more and would re-open at 5:30. Then Margot came out of the kitchen and told me that the kitchen was closed (around 2pm) but we could order cold sandwiches or salads. Seemed odd since they just announced new extended hours. My previous experiences have been alright. Food is pretty good but kind of pricey for what you get.