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OK...I'll try this again...Miss Maude's or Miss Mamie...is one better than the other?

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I posted previously and got no responses. Chowhound doesn't allow one to bump up one's messages so I'm posting again.

We would like to go to one or the other. Looking on line, the menus are similar--not exactly the same.

Which one do you recommend? How is the fried chicken? Are there any dishes that are favorites?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi MizYR,

    I have not visited Miss Maude's so I can't offer you an opinion. I've been to Miss Mamie's Spoonbread twice -- most recently within the past month. Both times the food wasn't memorably good or bad. I don't know that I consider it a destination restaurant. However, the staff could't be nicer and the space is cheery. Their friendliness is always lovely and appreciated.

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      Thank you for the response!

    2. I really love Miss Mamie's. I went to Miss Maude's once and thought it was just as good but that was a few years ago.

      I LOVE the fried chicken and the sides (mac n' cheese, spinach, and mashed potatoes). The sampler is amazing - the ribs are so good. The homemade lemonade is delicious - but expensive.

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        Thanks, shelley!