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Sep 14, 2008 01:08 PM

Intimate date place (setting)? (Pasadena)

I'm looking for a place with good food, good ambiance and a wood floor. Medium price range?

I think Latin American or Italian food would work best.

The kind of place you'd imagine live music and people moving the tables to dance.

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  1. When they have flamenco performances at La Luna Negra people get up and dance. Plus the food is good and it's a fun experience.

    1. I always enjoyed La Luna Negra, and it's a great first date place because it's casual and fun. The food is ok. I guess I stopped going there because I just didn't enjoy the food so much anymore.

      Other options:
      NeoMeze. Mediterranean, very dimly lit, adjoining lounge w/ music that's also very audible in the dining room. I really enjoyed my food there. The wine list is so-so. I believe the floor is concrete.

      In Glendale: Guacho's Village, it's a churrascaria, and on Friday and Saturday nights (maybe other nites too), there's a live band, flamenco dancers, lots of people get up and dance. Lots of fun, it's like one big party. But the band gets very loud, and when they're playing it's really hard to have a conversation.