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Sep 14, 2008 12:49 PM

UES Italian Recs

I'm looking for a good Italian restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We are going to Daniel's first for champagne and off to dinner afterwards.

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  1. You could look into Primavera - I had an excellent meal there - very old school, formal. I've got friends who love Erminia, which, I gather is smaller, perhaps more romantic. Not quite UES, but Alto (mid-town East) is excellent (but I would skip the fish dishes).

    1. I agree with Ermenia...very romantic with great food. Also, I would suggest Scalinatella in the 60s.

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        Yes - Scalinatella is another place that some other friends love, and that I've not made it to yet.

      2. Elio's. 2nd Ave btw 84/85th. Food is consistently excellent. Great dining room.

          1. re: kcijones001

            Can you tell me more about this place - I've never heard of it. Thanks!

          2. Many thanks for the suggestions. Tough job narrowing them down!