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UES Italian Recs

I'm looking for a good Italian restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We are going to Daniel's first for champagne and off to dinner afterwards.

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  1. You could look into Primavera - I had an excellent meal there - very old school, formal. I've got friends who love Erminia, which, I gather is smaller, perhaps more romantic. Not quite UES, but Alto (mid-town East) is excellent (but I would skip the fish dishes).

    1. I agree with Ermenia...very romantic with great food. Also, I would suggest Scalinatella in the 60s.

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        Yes - Scalinatella is another place that some other friends love, and that I've not made it to yet.

      2. Elio's. 2nd Ave btw 84/85th. Food is consistently excellent. Great dining room.

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            Can you tell me more about this place - I've never heard of it. Thanks!

          2. Many thanks for the suggestions. Tough job narrowing them down!

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                I like Sfoglia as well, but wasn't sure whether, since they'd be coming from drinks at Daniel, it was the kind of place they were looking for. Great food, just a little more casual.

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                  I like Buon Gusto on 77th and 3rd Avenue.

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                  Spigolo. Last time I went to Erminia (a few months ago) I wasn't that impressed. I think Spigolo tops sfoglia. I also like Sette Mezzo (cash only)

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                    I like Sette Mezzo as well (they do take checks - and house accounts). The one meal I had at Spigolo was excellent but, like, Sfoglia, I wasn't sure if perhaps it wasn't a bit more casual than the OP had in mind.

                2. The only Italian place I've been on the UES is John's D'Napoli. I'm not sure how romantic it is for an anniversary, but the red sauce was as good as I've ever had and everything that came out around us look magnificent.

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                  1. As a 25 year UES resident I can tell you that you will not do any better than Elio's for classic Italian. I've tried them all. But for something a bit different Spigolo is excellent. His Gnocci is wonderful. But ridiculously hard to get into due to it's small size.

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                      i happen to really enjoy firenze on 2nd ave and 83rd st. they have a delicious wine selection and their chicken fiorentino is fantastic.

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                        Goss--are we the only two who ever recommend elio's? Surprised it is not mentioned more on this board.