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Sep 14, 2008 12:06 PM

Garden turnip, parsnips and kohlrabi recipes? Cabbage too!

Was a rough gardening year here in Northern Maine; very cold and rainy. We're just harvesting tomatoes now. It was good for cabbage and root crops, however. Any favorite recipes? I use turnips raw, mashed and in a pear pie. Parsnips, fried in butter. And cabbage in a lot of Russian, Norwegian and German recipes (Indian and Thai too.) Kohlrabi is a new garden veggie for us. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. We like parsnips oven-roasted with a little butter, olive oil or a combination of them, with herbs like thyme. Depending on their size we leave them kind of whole or else cut down so we have even sized pieces. Also like that done with a mix of carrots and parsnips.

    Some in my family used to eat kohlrabi raw as kind of a garnish. I had it at a restaurant cooked under a great piece of chicken and it was wonderful that way. A revelation that you could cook it.

    We are planning to make refrigerator pickles with some kohlrabi to try that. I saw some at the farmers market this morning but thought I would wait til next week because I have too many other things to make in the next couple days from the market.

    1. I'll second the idea for roasting the parsnips. I do them in olive oil with a few onion slices or garlic and then finish with some good chunky salt. Heaven. For the cabbage, I like the Barefoot Contessa way ... just saute with tons and tons of butter, salt and pepper. There is also a nice cabbage quiche (or maybe they call it a pie or tart?) recipe on epicurious with caraway seeds. I like that a lot.

      1. Oh, yum! My great-aunt used to make a delicious creamed kohlrabi, similar to this one.

        She would put the cooked kohlrabi (along with the cooked leaves) through a food grinder to make a coarse puree. I am so sorry that I didn't get the recipe before she passed away.

        I also steam kohlrabi and I've even served it with gado gado sauce.

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        1. some good cabbage ideas in this thread from the beginning of the summer...

          and i like to give turnips & parsnips a mashed potato treatment for something a little different. so however you like your mashed...wasabi; buttermilk & chives; lobster...

          i also love them with just a little butter, S&P, & freshly grated nutmeg.

          i tried a moroccan roasted carrot dip recipe recently that i really liked. i imagine it would be great with either parsnips or turnips [or both!] as well. the discussion [with recipe links] is near the beginning of this thread...

          1. I like to use kohlrabi raw in salads. My favorite preparation is making a slaw with julienned kohlrabi, diced granny smith apples, mayonnaise, vinegar, and perhaps just a hint of garlic. Adding some thinly sliced radishes also adds another dimension, but is not necessary.

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