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Sep 14, 2008 12:05 PM

Best late-night dessert

Where can I get the best dessert with a date on a Thursday night after 11:30pm?

We'll go anywhere within Manhattan, but we won't get there until 11:30pm earliest.
Price is no issue. Romantic ambiance is a plus, good cocktail is a plus, but we are most concerned with the desserts haha.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Most of the dessert bars or restaurants with interesting dessert programs will have closed by then (p*ong closes at midnight on Thursdays, Chikalicious 10:45pm, Tailor at 11:30pm, etc.).

    I think your best bet is the Dessert Studio at Michel Cluizel which closes at midnight on Thursdays. It's located inside the ABC Carpet and Home Store but at night you can enter via Lucy's on 18th Street. They close at midnight. Web site:

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    1. Kyotofu is open until 1:30 according to zagat
      Balthazar open until 1am according to website
      Blur Ribbon Bakery only open till midnight but the bar open until 2am has a few desserts

      Not too much open that late on a thursday

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      1. re: misnatalie

        Good thought with Blue Ribbon Bakery -- IIRC the Brasserie is open until 4am every day. I'd try there.

      2. Otto serves incredible desserts and is open daily until midnight or later. I find the bar to be rather romantic, but obviously romantic ambiance is very subjective. I will say that Otto can be quite crowded (even at midnight), which for many cuts into the romance factor.

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          Otto is open only until midnight. Their hours are 11:30AM-12:00AM daily; not sure when the kitchen closes. Would hate for the OP to show up only to find that the kitchen already closed. Maybe they'd still serve you gelato, at the bar?

        2. Dessert Studio just closed (so sad - waiting to see where Michel Cluizel will resurface).

          I second Kyotofu, and Tailor in Soho would be nice.

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          1. re: Sweet Freak

            Tailor closes at 11:30pm on Thursdays.