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Sep 14, 2008 11:52 AM

Weekend in B'more-please comment on restaurant choices

We are six 40ish women who will be coming to Baltimore 9/19-21 for our annual "girls weekend". I am the restaurant finder. Please let me know what you think of my picks. We are staying at the Renaissance Harborplace.

We like to eat cheap on Friday night--pitchers of beer, burgers, fries, etc. I thought we'd try Duda's on Friday. Maybe we should get there early to avoid crowds. Anything to avoid or definitely order from their menu? What's the best way to get there from our hotel?

On Saturday, we'll be sightseeing-bus tour, museum, walking, etc. Will probably hit Faidley's for crabs. On Saturday night we like to have nice meal and I've chosen Watertable in the Renaissance. Besides convenience, I liked the menu and have read good reviews.

We'll be leaving town on Sunday around noon. Anyplace in particular we should hit for breakfast? Since we're splurging on Saturday night, we'd probably want something more casual for breakfast on Sunday. We all have 3-4 hour drives home so would like to eat someplace relatively close to the hotel.

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. Perhaps you just mistyped, but to be clear - Faidleys is a stand in a market that has good crabcakes - not steamed crabs. It is a good idea for your Saturday afternoon.

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      I agree it's good to be clear about Faidley's-- there is no sitting space there, although are places to stand (with counters for your food), and there is a separate second floor space with tables for the whole market.

      From the inner harbor to Duda's I would take the water taxi. There's also good gelato not far from the water taxi stop in Fells Point.

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        Faidley's quality has been disappointing lately.

    2. For Sunday brunch, you can't beat Miss Shirley's. I also often take out of town guests to Gertrude's for Sunday brunch. It's nice to be outside in the sculpture garden and the food is better than average brunch fare. For something quirky, I'd suggest Golden West Cafe in Hampden, then walking down the Avenue and checking out the shops before leaving town.

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        None of those are close to the Renaissance. The most popular choice for breakfast that is anywhere near the inner harbor is probably Blue Moon in Fells Point. I'm not a lover (not a hater either, just not as effusive in my praise as others), but if you do a search you can see if it fits your bill. With a large0ish group you'd have to plan on getting there on the early side, otherwise expect a wait.

        Another option, not particularly close to the hotel, but at least downtown would be Morning Edition in Patterson Park. Service is VERY slow and a little "you should be flattered we let you eat here" but the food is very good, IMO. There are also a few places in Federal Hill that do brunch, and one of them would probably be even closer than Fells Point or Patterson Park. I haven't tried any myself, so I can't give a personal recommedation, but maybe someone else can chime in, or you could search. I think Metropolitan is mentioned as having a decent brunch....

        1. re: charmedgirl

          I wouldn't call Morning Edition downtown, although I totally agree that they're very slow.

          Unless you require an upscale fancy breakfast, one option might be Burke's. It's just a block or two or three from your hotel, and it's a very old-fashioned time-warp kind of place. I'm recommending it more for the experience than the food, but the food isn't bad for blue-collar breakfast fare.

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            Due to the fire back in July, Metropolitan is still closed for renovations...sadly. Regi's on light street has a good brunch. I haven't been there lately, but I took my mom to Ze Mean Bean for jazz brunch on sunday a couple years ago and we enjoyed it. The market is a great idea too. Miss Shirley's is delicious but may be a bit too far out of your way. James Joyce is within walking distance but I haven't had brunch there, maybe someone has and can provide a review.

        2. Blue Moon is probably the best brunch bet around the rennisance but it is also tiny and popular and you likely would have a tremendous wait esp. with 6 people.
          Other great brunch spots around that area are Ale Mary's, Slainte and I've heard that Red Star has a Jazz brunch but have never tried it myself.
          Does Bertha's do brunch? any chowhounders know? If so I'd bet they'd have some great poached egg dishes.

          1. I would go to Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton for Sunday breakfast, they open at 9am.

            1. You may want to consider grazing at the Farmers Mkt, under the JFX, on Sunday, although it's not right around the corner from the hotel. Eating and browsing the market every week is sort of a ritual for some locals.