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Sep 14, 2008 11:51 AM

Good caterer in Vancouver?

So I posted a few months ago looking for a Kelowna caterer, but have since changed my mind and want to have my wedding in the city I (we) actually live. The problem is, that expands my catering choices considerably. Having never had to hire a caterer before, I would like to throw this out to you, my most trusted Chowhounds.

I don't need to do the traditional 3 course, roast beef etc kind of thing, and I prefer a caterer who tries to cook with local and in season food. I think I'd like to have a family-style Italian supper, so if you know anyone who specializes in Italian, that would be a plus. (I *just* thought of the Italian Cultural Centre as I wrote that, so besides that.) Thanks a lot!

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  1. Chef Cristophe Kwiatkowsky catered our wedding 8 years ago when he was still at Dubrulle and it was excellent. We went for skewers from around the world, cooked a la minute on the bbq with appropriate side dishes prepared ahead. He now has his own catering company called Le Zeste ( There is a rather nice looking Italian spread currently listed under Dinner Buffets at $39.95 pp, and I know from experience that he is very flexible both in terms of cuisine type and budget.

    Another idea, depending on the size of wedding you are having, might be to contact your favourite Italian restos to see if they do catering. I suspect this would be a better bet if your group is relatively small, and the restaurant experienced...

    Good luck and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

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        Chef Christophe is also the co-owner of Northwest Culinary Academy, with Chef Tony Minichiello, who knows a lot about Italian food :o)

        La Buca does a fantastic family-style dinner. Not sure if they do catering, though, but they're definitely worth a call.

        Culinary Capers is a great caterer that uses a lot of local ingredients. Their servers are also really professional and provide excellent on-site service.

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          Right, I remember reading about Chef C's affiliation.

          I was thinking of La Buca specifically when I suggested checking with fave Italian places but suspected they don't do that sort of thing...

          We used Culinary Capers occasionally for corporate gigs but found their pricing went up too high for us.

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            I've used Culinary Capers - not for full service catering, though. The food was very good.

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              i used to use culinary capers as well for lunches and things like that, i've also been to a number of parties they did and it was always very good.

      2. What type of venue and how many people?

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        1. re: jewels_vancouver

          80 people at the Heritage Hall. Thanks so much for all your replies, guys. I haven't eaten at La Buca yet, but it just got bumped up on my 'to eat' list.

          1. re: lotuskitty

            Culinary Capers is great choice, use them myself whenever I can. Another option is Pan o Pan. I haven't used them, but have heard good things.