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Sep 14, 2008 11:30 AM

Eggs and Chicken....Too Weird?

I love eggs, could, (but don't) eat them almost everyday and confess to being more of a breakfast at dinner kinda gal. Love eggs with beef, (like steak or burger patty) and with any number of assorted pork products but I have never seen eggs being served with chicken....hmmmm, maybe just something we don't see much of here in California but I was wondering, how come chicken fried steak with eggs but no fried chicken? Is it too weird? Anyone have chicken and egg dishes they serve/eat regularly?

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  1. I'm from California too and was wondering the same thing ... maybe some sort of reservation about eating the momma and baby in a single dish. Then I remembered

    - cobb salad
    - chef salad
    - Fried chicken with a side of potato/egg salad
    - chicken fried rice
    - egg drop soup (well, it is chicken soup)
    - Avgolemono - Greek chicken soup with egg and lemon
    - A true Ceasar salad dressed with raw egg and topped with grilled chicken
    - Chicken soup with unborn eggs (if that counts)

    I have seen eggs stuffed with chicken salad or an egg and chicken salad mixed with mayo. Some restaurants will swap out other meats for chicken in breakfast dishes ... but that is not as common. What about all those chicken sausages with scrambled eggs. And a lot of battered chicken recipes like fried chicken or chicken Cordon Bleu dip the chicken in an egg/milk mixture before rolling in flour or whatever.

    Also many chicken dishes are served with egg noodles, so serving more eggs is overkill.

    I think some of it is based on old time tradition. My grandmother raised chickens. Eggs were every day events. Eating the chicken itself didn't happen that often. It was a special dinner. Chickens are small. The pig was a lot of meat and more available so more likely to be served with breakfast eggs. I guess down in Texas where there are a lot of cows the same would apply ... lots of beef more regularily available. Pigs and cows have one function ... meat. Where a chicken is both a meat and egg producer.

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      Yeah, I'd assume any sense of weirdness is the subconscious remnant of a religious taboo.

      That said, in addition to the dishes rworange mentions, Thai haw moak with chicken is stellar.

    2. I've seen a few Japanese recipes that use those ingredients together - there's one in Harumi's cookbook that combines chicken thighs and whole hard-boiled eggs, served with green beans over rice. Or there's Oyakodon - chicken and egg rice bowl:

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        Oyakodon's also called "mother and child" - at least it was in my house. Very satisfying comfort food.

      2. It's funny, I went out to breakfast this morning and noticed a "Chicken Omelette" on the menu. Stuffed with chicken (obviously) and "your choice of cheese". It kind of stood out to me because I found it such an odd combination. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I've never seen a chicken omelette offered before. Unusual.

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          while it's not always called a "chicken omelette," a lot of places in SoCal that offer healthy breakfast options at least have grilled chicken breast as an add-in to egg dishes.

          Hugo's does an egg-white scramble with grilled chicken called the "protein scramble," Jinky's has several egg dishes with chicken on their menu...and of course the Firehouse in Venice will let you add chicken breast to anything for extra protein.

        2. Chicken schnitzel with a fried egg on top and a lemon wedge on the side to squeeze over. Yum!

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            Yeah, I was thinking more of runny egg yolk things I I also use chopped hard boiled eggs in my chicken salad. I too was thinking it was a Mom and baby thing but then I thought of sushi and roe is never a problem...thanks for the insight rworange.

            1. re: bubbles4me

              Well, just my own thoughts. While chickens (except babies) don't have the personality of cute pets ... and I realize someone or another has a beloved pet chicken ... still the mom/baby relationship is warmer than that of a cold fish and roe ... though that crossed my mind too.

          2. Doro wat is a quintessential Ethiopian stew of chicken in a spicy sauce, whole boiled eggs are added before serving.

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              My favorite local restaurant serves chicken butter masala with a couple of whole boiled eggs in it. Personally, I'd rather have more chicken.

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                I've gotten something very similar as a special of the day at a Pakistani place- the eggs and chicken meatballs were served in a light creamy sauce over rice. It made for a delicious and very hearty lunch.

              2. re: honey pot

                Oddly enough I was planning on making doro wat and wasn't paying attention to the ingrediants and the addition of hard boiled eggs.

                It was good, but it got me to thinking that chicken and eggs together don't do much for each other flavor-wise and maybe that's why there are not more dishes combining them. They taste fine together, but that's it. One doesn't make the other any better.

                Doro wat