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Sep 14, 2008 11:29 AM

Near St.Peters Hospital, New Brunswick......

I will be with my wife at St. Peters, for a few days and looking for some good, affordable bites near the hospital. Call it "Bangs for the Buck" , kind of place............Good Soup,Sandwich,Breakfast,Burger etc......

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  1. Cheap chow heaven within a coupla blocks. On Easton Ave. all the Rutgers student ghetto cheap eats. Lebanese Styff yor Face, Japanese, Grease trucks, and right near the train station, a gray little hot dog shack. Found these when dad was dying.

    1. stuff yer face (didja know it was Batali's first cooking job?)

      the mediterranian place, sahara? but I had a bad "Service" experience there....but the food is good.

      Cluck U. Wings. (where it all started)

      Grease Trucks.


      My Fiance frequently goes to a japanese/sushi place too closest to St. Peters (She works there)

      1. I work about a block from there and I am constantly going to Tido's Junkyard Dogs on Easton Ave a few blocks towards New Brunswick. They have really good burgers and fresh cut fries as well as a "get full on one order" chicken fingers with excellent honey mustard sauce (make sure you ask for it when you order).

        I like Evelyn's a lot more than Sahara for falafel and it is cheaper to boot. Also, RU Grill makes probably the best "fat" sandwiches around. These are huge and very filling and best ordered with extra sauce.

        About a mile or two up Easton Ave going away from New Brunswick is a very good Thai place called Chao Phaya if you want to sit and eat something healthier one day. You can check out their website here:


        But do not go to the Thai Noodle place on Easton closer to New Brunswick. You would be better off getting Taste of Thai at the supermarket.

        I would also second the above recs.

        1. I live by the hospital and know the neighborhood well. You are in luck! Lots of places to eat within walking distance. The answers so far are great. What you'll be happy to know is that Easton Ave has places to eat all the way down the street to the train station. Then once you are in downtown, you can choose to eat at Marita's, Doll's Place, and Tumulty's Pub.

          1. Don't forget Thomas Sweet's Ice Cream on Easton Ave! If you're into chocolate, try their "Bittersweet" flavor. Also, Noodle Gourmet (also on Easton) is pretty good if you order the non-americanized items.

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              Noodle Gourmet... my favorite place when I was at Rutgers.
              I recommend beef chow fun and wonton noodle soup.