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Sep 14, 2008 10:39 AM

Chiles en Nogada SD

Mexican Independence day is this Monday - and I have a taste for the national dish. Is Chilango's the only restaurant offering these?

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  1. If you want to go party with the locals, perhaps you could head to La Fonda Roberto's in Tijuana for the best Chiles en Nogada I've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

    Other than that, I'm at a loss...

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    1. re: deckape

      Yeah, La Fonda's Huazontle and Moranga are out of control -some of the most beautiful interpretations of Mexican cuisine I have been served.

      Does help that they are from Puebla too! The owner is the sweetest woman ever

    2. Found my answer - I have till mid Oct.! But I am making homemade version tonight!

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        If you go to Frida's be sure to take along ear plugs to dull the incredible din of that place. Also be sure to take along diminished expectations, they've let me down twice with food ranging from meh to utter krap.

        1. re: deckape

          Will do if I go again but I think I satisfied the craving tonight chez moi:

          Best thing I have evermade easily. I hope my coworkers like em too!

          Could I asked what you got and how were your experiences were like at Fridas?

        2. re: kare_raisu

          Is the recipe at the bottom of the article a traditional or good way of making them? Some things seem a bit Americanized to me.

          1. re: DougOLis

            Its fairly traditional... I don't think the Chef is "Americanizing" it... its just his personal take and well within the parameters of how they are prepared in Mexico (everybody interprets it slightly different)... and it may reflect his regional affiliation or just his personal taste.

            Of course I make mine differently.. and mine is the only true way.

        3. I also experienced a mad craving for Chiles in Nogada but I was not in a position to travel. I remembered this thread and summoned the help of my trusty amigo Kare Raisu. I captured the preparation of this wonderful dish on video you can check it out in the home cooking section.

          It never fails. The best meals are always homemade