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Sep 14, 2008 09:59 AM

Pre-made meal delivery in Fresno?

I'm looking for a service that will deliver pre-made meals (frozen or fresh doesn't matter) to an address in Fresno. My sister will be having a baby and would like pre-cooked dinners for the family at least two nights a week. A thread on a similar topic from a year ago mentioned "Precious Thyme" <www.preciousthyme.com> which is definitely the right idea.

I don't live in the Fresno area. If this were an address in the New York City area, I would do FreshDirect <www.freshdirect.com>. Can a Fresno local tell me if Precious Thyme is still the best bet for ordering pre-made dinners, or are there other services that have shown up in the last year? Ease of ordering is important since I'd be placing the order from the other side of the country. Expense is also an issue since I can't afford to feed a family of five for very long.

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  1. I see a Schwan's truck in our neighborhood frequently, don't know about their prices.


    We used to have a couple of restaurant pick up services, not sure if they're still in operation. Will check later if I have some time.

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      Here's a thread from last year:


      Again, in the past (@ 2 years maybe) we've used these two, no idea if they are still in business or not.



      Good luck, and let us know what you find. Depending what area of town your friend is located, there may be options from a few decent restaurants that will deliver.

    2. I'm not sure about the price, but Kasabella Catering (same owner as Bistro Rustico) has been doing pre-made/delivered meals for my BF's grandparents. They have a somewhat restricted diet (low sodium, limited carbs) and love the meals that Kasabella creates for them!! I love the fact the chef, Varouj, utilizes local and fresh ingredients -plus he bakes all his own breads... Here is the website: http://www.kasabellacatering.com/

      Dream Dinners has a location in Clovis. My cousin ordered a Thanksgiving dinner from them last year - not the Clovis location but up in Sacramento. It wasn't the best meal, and very unmemorable, but I recall that the price was very decent and the convenience couldn't be beat. Of course a turkey dinner is always best homemade, so I can't comment on the weekly meals. Info: http://www.dreamdinners.com/main.php?...

      Hope this helps!!

      1. Thanks for the tips, everyone!