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Sep 14, 2008 08:51 AM

Dallas - Salad?

Where can I find great soup and salad? Currently, my go-to place is Bistro-N in Nordstrom (crab bisque; blue cheese and pear salad), but I don't like their service -_-; Looking for a casual place for lunch.

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  1. I like Sweet Tomatoes. It's a super pumped up Soup-r-Salad. It can get very crowded during lunch and dinner hours, last time I went at 2:00 on a weekday - all stations had just been refreshed and I didn't feel rushed going through the salad line, mainly because there was no line.

    They have a well stocked salad bar including multiple types of greens, some pastas and premade veggies salads, and of course, lots of add-ons. There are 5 or 6 wonderful soups, pizza, baked potatoes, muffins and breads, a soft serve ice-cream sundae station, puddings and maybe a few other items. This buffet with a drink is around 10.00.

    Unfortunately, there are currently only 2 locations - both of which are in obnoxiously busy areas of Addison and S. Arlington.

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      If you want a great salad bar and a good bowl of soup; I would check out Kalachandji's!! This is in the Dallas Hare Krishna temple. I have been going there for years and still love it!! They have the best lentil soup in all of Dallas and all of their dressings are made in-house. Go check it out and let me know what you think!!

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        I really like Panera's salads. They change them up depending on the season.

    2. I love the soup and salad combo at Houston's

      1. I was told that a new Sweet Tomatoes loc has just opened in Las Colinas at 635 and MacArthur.

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          It just opened in Las Colinas/Valley Ranch!

          As for soup and salad. Nam Hua in Richardson/Garland (it is on the border of both) at Belt Line and Jupiter. If you can stomach a bowl of Pho and a salad there you are a bigger eater than I am. Pho comes with a plate that looks much like salad (Nam Hua throws in some extra herbs). A typical plate of Pho accompaniment comes with mung bean sprouts, cilantro, lime wedges, culantro, jalapeno, thai basil. Some add rau diep ca (Fish Mint), daikon radish, carrots, rau om (rice paddy herb). I hate the rau diep ca and love the rau ngo om.

          Another place for wonderful Vitnamese salads is Quan Kien Giang.....with shrimp and beef and tons of crunchy veggies and herbs hard to go wrong!

          I am sure Sweet Tomatoes is great but I just can't get over the fresh flavors combination that Vietnamese food has.

        2. Cafe Nordstrom at the Galleria is a much better restaurant, I was unimpressed with Bistro N. They always have great service when I'm there, even though it's an order-at-the-counter restaurant. I think the blue cheese and pear salad will be the same.

          1. The Neiman's cafe downtown!! Tons of yummy options; always fresh. I don't know the name of it, but its the one on the ground floor.

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              The Mermaid Bar? Went there a lot as a kid and have great memories...Heck, the Neiman's downtown is still the best one...Upstairs was and is the Zodiac Room...Proper little place with popovers and souffles...A place for my little friends and I to dress up and temporarily act like grownups...wonderul memories there as welll.....