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Sep 14, 2008 08:14 AM

Who has the best Croissants (etc.) in Quebec City and Montreal?

Greetings to all the hounds in the two cities - my partner and I are driving up to Quebec and then to Montreal (I know we will eat well).

I have searched this board to see if I could get specific answers to the above, but to no avail. Please share your recommendations as to where we might get to experience your take on who has the best:
- Croissants, breads, and similar baked goods
- Other sweet baked goods such as cakes, petits fours, pastries, etc

I will not trouble you all on where to go for a truly French-Canadian dinner (we barely speak French so that may be a detriment to accessing truly good French cuisine - sigh), but am, as usual, eternally grateful for your response.

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  1. For the ultimate Montreal baked goods walking tour, you will want to check out this link to moh's mile end pastry tour:

    You will probably want to try Paillard and Temporel in Quebec City.

    For dinners, don't worry about not speaking French - most people in restaurants can speak English, so even if the menu's in French, there's usually someone willing to help with translations. For truly French-Canadian, but with a twist, the gold standard is Au Pied de Cochon - search on that and you'll get plenty of info. There are also many threads about the best bistros in Montreal and Quebec.

    Enjoy your trip!

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        Thanks very much, cherylmtl and carswell. We are leaving tomorrow for Magog and then on to Quebec City. Bon Appetit!

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          Hi again,
          We arrived last night in Montreal and went to a fabulous Szechuan restaurant - outstanding meal there. And.... 5 PM reservations at APDC (thats in a few minutes!) - YAY!!! But ..I digress...staying at the Hotel Gouveneur Place Dupuis and thinking that F, Desserts was open on Sunday, we walked over to find that it was closed (sigh)..could not find the other place on Mt. Royal in the phone book (did it go out of business?) and then took the Metro to Duc de Lorraine. Although the serbice was most pleasant and the bowls of coffee excellent, I am sorry to report that their Butter Croissant was sub par (doughier than some we have tasted). Janet loved the Amandine though - and so did I (even though the bottom was a bit soggy, it sure was different from the other pastries we tried - Almond, Brioche, etc.). I also took the chance to try the macaron (having read another thread on that) and loved that cookie. Down the road, there was another bakery (Pain dore?) where we tried the Cannelle (sp?) and it was glorious!
          Wish we could stay longer and check out the other croissant places, but leaving tomorrow, we decided to go back to Marche Jean-Talon and try the bakeries there.

          Thanks again for your suggestions!