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Sep 14, 2008 07:28 AM

Looking for "Buddha Veggie" restaurant?

Hi i was given a request to find some Buddha Veggie style restaurant and didn't find much results searching.

Anybody have some recommendations?

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  1. Do you mean veggie style restaurants that cater to Buddhists? Lotus Pond is one. See

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    1. re: jennjen18

      There's a really bare-bones cheap place in Chinatown called Buddha's Vegetarian at 666 Dundas W.

      Simon's Wok @ Logan & Gerrard (similar menu, slightly better ambiance) and Cafe 668 (used to be next door to Buddha's) now at 885 Dundas west of Bathurst. More modern decor, pricier menu, way better food. They'll use garlic and onion if you ask, a big no-no in traditional Buddhist cookery. And not so much deep-fried fake meat with food-colouring.

      1. re: Dimbulb

        A bit further east of Buddha's Vegetarian is Full Moon restaurant, also a Chinese vegetarian place. The Chinese name means "the first and fifteenth of the month", meaning the days when casual followers of Buddhism would have vegetarian meals.

      2. re: jennjen18

        Hey jennjen18 - just thought this link would work a bit better. Think the period might make it difficult for some to click on. I also second Lotus Pond in Scarborough - Midland and McNicoll.