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Sep 14, 2008 07:22 AM

What's the most wonderful, reliable cookbook about Spanish cuisine?

I seeking the Essentials of Italian Cooking for Spain.

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  1. I really like Delicioso by Penelope Casas. She has a number of other books too, and I think that The Foods and Wines of Spain may be her first, and most "definitive", book. Delicioso is arranged by region. I'm also interested in trying the Moro books (Spanish restaurant in the U.K.) - I can find them in stores in New York, but I don't think there is a U.S. edition yet.

    Casas was "COTM" a couple of months ago, so you might want to check out those threads:

    1. It may depend on what you need, such as a focus on tapas, every day home cooking, the innovative items, the most traditional, etc. I've had the Casas Tapas book for years, and borrowed several others of her's from the library. I currently have 1080 check out. I've also bought several 'picture' books at clearance prices.

      The one that I end up referring to most is New Spanish Table. As the name suggests it does focus on the innovative, but in a way that is still well grounded in the traditional. It also has a good amount of information on ingredients, trends, and regions.

      1080 is a translation of a widely used Spanish cookbook, one that has been called the Spanish Joy of Cooking. But it can be hard to distinguish the distinctly Spanish dishes from the more generic 'Continental' cooking. The photographs of dishes are uninspired (straight vertical shots), but the line drawings are fun, even if they are relatively uninformative.

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        Thanks for this. I'm mostly intersted in old-fashioned Spanish home cooking.

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          Casas also has a book called Cocina de Mama:

          It's focused on home cooking, though I've not tried it. Here's it's COTM link:

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            I really enjoyed everything I cooked from Cocina de Mama when Casas was COTM--good comfort food and healthy, too. It's a book I intend to revisit now that the weather is turning cooler. I tend to prefer bolder flavors and I wouldn't say that Casas recipes were that bold, but they were nice nevertheless.

            EDIT: I do agree with MMR's point in her first reply, that Casas Foods and Wines of Spain is considered her definitive book.