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Sep 14, 2008 06:11 AM

Harry's Tap Room

Has anyone been to Harry's Tap Room? A friend recommended it to me and I wonder if it is worth checking out...

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  1. Harry's in Clarendon is always dependable if not spectacular. My wife does not eat meat and she likes it as well. I think brunch is better than dinner but dinner is still solid if you like well done American food. It always has a nice feel to it as well.

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      Do they have outside seating? And what would you recommend ordering?

      1. re: CIAinDC

        They do have a two small outside seating sections (one upstairs and one downstairs).

        Their burger is good, as are their twin filets with different sauces.

    2. They have a small small section of outdoor seating. They have a good happy hour and a great brunch. Their eggs Chesapeake are very good. I forget all the stuff I have gotten during happy hour, but it is good and the lounge is large and roomy. Their steaks aren't bad like Sam and Harry's without the price. They have a good burger as noted above and their bartenders are great and will give you some samples of wine to try if you can't decide on one, I have always had good service.

      1. It's fine, but if want outside seating you should cross over to Wilson and go to the Woodgrill. Their burgers are better and prices generally a little lower. Harry's is, however, definitely better than Three in the next block.

        The best outdoor seating in the vicinity is at Sette Bello also on Wilson about two blocks further out than Harry's and one over...

        1. we've liked it very much, fantastic brunch with one particularly amazing summer salad. great cuban sandwich and coleslaw. good steaks in a pinch.

          1. Update: Harry's was GREAT! Thai mussels were awesome... It has been added to my list as one of my favorites.