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Sep 14, 2008 04:54 AM

What's Your Favorite New England Pub?

Outside of Boston, which pub is your favorite place to visit?
We always enjoy the Corner Pug in West Hartford, CT. They have a great menu, the food is good, the service is excellent, and they offer several different beers and ales. My favorite meal is their pot roast, although on occasion I'll go with their meatloaf. The Corner Pug is definitely worth a visit.
Patrick's Pub in Pittsfield, MA, is also very good. Their menu offers an assortment of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, and full meals. If you're in the mood for a cold beer and wings, they offer some of the best wings that I have ever tasted and their beer assortment is huge. I highly recommend their Patrick's Wrap, but get it with some feta cheese. The feta adds just a little zing to it.

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  1. Stone's public House in Ashland, MA. Good, not great thought out beer selection. American and British beers with flavor.
    Some of my favorite oods are the chips made fresh with homemade ketchup or curry.
    Fried Calamari with a curry flavor and hot peppers.
    Excellent burgers.
    Homemade soda and wheat bread.
    Pork shank with polenta.
    Sandwiches like fresh cooked corned beef are served on fresh sliced bread.
    Fish and chips fried in a lite batter.
    Mussels in Guiness.
    Good steaks also.
    Fireplace in winter.
    Great patio i summer.
    Best blues jam on Sunday.

    1. My favorite pub is my local pub in Putney, VT - J. D. McCliment's. Less than a half mile north of the village on Rte 5, they feature music several nights a week and specials every night, as well as a regular menu that has both pub food (burgers, fish/chips) and finer dining (salmon, steak). On Saturdays they have a 3-course prix fixe menu for $25 which is always very good. Thursday night is Mexican night, Friday is Italian.

      They don't have 5 million beers on tap, but they do have some really good ones like Smithwick's and Switchback, Guinness as well as VT microbrews.

      They also have a deck, so during summer months you'll find the majority of diners eating outside.

      1. I'm a big fan of The Shed in Stowe, VT. Good burgers (which are soaked in beer), excellent homebrews which are made on the premises, and a nice, rustic atmosphere.

        I also like Packard's in Northampton, MA, a place I just discovered a couple of weeks ago. It has the feel of a speakeasy and is similar to some of the old-school Boston bars I'm used to hitting.

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          People's Pint in Greenfield, Mass. Great food, excellent beers and mellow atmosphere. Worth the longish drive from New Haven. In New Haven we also have Prime 16, which has tasty food and an impressive, if pricey, beer selection.

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            The Willimantic Brewing Co. has become my favorite, in terms of the complete experience of being there:

            Their brews are consistently good, with an excellent variety of IPAs among other interesting choices. Also numerous guest taps of other tempting ales. The setting is great -- particularly the bar more than the main dining room. It's set in a huge monument of a bank building in the center of town. A lot of the original structure/features of the bank are still in place -- lots of wood and carved stone, great relaxing lighting, airy high ceilings. The food tends to be a step up from traditional pub grub in this region. You could make a full meal out of a pair of appetizers or app and salad -- these are the categories that the restaurant excels in. In contrast, I've found the couple of entrees I've had to be distressingly enormous and bland. Soups are great, though, veggies are fresh and decent quality. The clientele is friendly, a big mix of locals, mostly.

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              Second on WBC, it's a great place to visit, good food, world-class beers. It's just so huge and sprawling it's a bit impersonal, in my view.

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                I think that the size issue is part of what makes us gravitate to the bar area. The dining area is indeed really big, but on the plus side of the picture it gives ample spacing between tables! From the perspective of sitting at the bar, the place becomes much more a cozy spot, and the friendly conversations that develop between strangers adds to its personal quality.

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              30 years ago we also had Brock's in West Hartford. I miss that place.

          2. The pub at the Gaelic American Club in Fairfield, CT is great. Most of the staff (kitchen, bar, and waitstaff) seem to have immigrated here from Ireland as adults, so it is run much like a typical pub in Ireland. The food is pretty good, quite inexpensive, and leaves off the American bar food (buffalo wings). Unfortunately, they've left off some more modern Irish favorites as well (curry fries). Beer selection is not vast, sticking mostly to Guinness products (Guinness, Harp, Smithwick's), but pints are only $3. They also have a better Guinness tap than any other pub I've been to in the States, and actually know how to pour one properly. A glass of whiskey is only $2.50, and they have the only decent selection of Irish whiskeys I know of in the state. The music (folk and pub traditional) is the best part, and what really sets the place apart. Acts are often local, but they occasionally have a bigger name national act. The big drawback is that it's small, so getting a seat can be tough, and it's members and guests only (membership opens up only occasionally, and is open only to those with some Irish descent). The club, which is a local organization, together with Feile, a national organization, also runs the Fairfield Country Irish Festival in Trumbull.

            1. Adains in bristol ,ri. is our local pub,and pretty good at just that,being a great local owned,great guiness ,great fish and chips,awesome reubens,hand cut chips,smiling happy faces,everything your looking for.theyve been redoing the place for a while now,should be done very soon,cant wait to get into the new Adains,mark our territorry.lucky the guy owns another place in town that has the staff working there now,weird about the other staff .i guess they are still around too.