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Sep 13, 2008 11:17 PM

Fill my 2.5 days with FOOD! :)

Hi. I'm currently living in nyc but will be taking a short trip to toronto (sat morning to mon afternoon). This will be my first time to toronto and would love some suggestions on places I shouldn't miss. I love all types of food, esp the small local places that make the city what it is. Thanks for your help!! :)

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  1. It would help if you gave some indication of where you are staying and how you are getting around town. Public transit gets you to some good places, car or taxi gets you to those that aren't easy to get to by public transit.

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      i'm staying at the downtown courtyard marriott. will have a car for one day. haven't really researched public transit yet... :)

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        Near the Marriott you've got lots of cheap, mid range options. Kathmandu for Indian / Nepalese, Red and White for middle eastern and a decent Spanish place called Segovia. For breakfast, I'd suggest either the Senator Diner down at Dundas Square, ( or take the College Streetcar out to College and Lippincott to Aunties and Uncles (