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Sep 13, 2008 10:22 PM

Nice-ish lunch Monday in East Village?

hi - I usually don't eat lunch in the East Village, but I'll be meeting a business contact around 1st and A on Monday. Any advice as to what might be open at that time? It doesn't have to be chi-chi but I'd prefer not to eat in a dive. Any cuisine is OK.

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  1. Prune is just a block away.

    1. Lil' Frankies on 1st ave btw 1st/2nd st - Italian
      Lucien on 1st ave btw 1st/2nd st - French Bistro
      Prune on 1st st btw 1st/2nd ave - New American

      I think all those should be open for lunch on Monday but you should call to check just in case.