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Sep 13, 2008 06:36 PM

yummy steakhouse?

Looking for your favorite steakhouse recommendations in Austin, or even at the Lake.
Would love to check out the Hofbrau, but it's an anniversary dinner....and would like 2 forks. Not looking to eat my wallet at Ruth Chris.

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  1. This is not necessarily a pure "steakhouse," but the ribeye at The Belmont is just terrific in my opinion.

    "Brown sugar and ancho crusted ribeye" with crab stuffed tomato and a spinach/bacon salad

    I think it's really solid.

    The crab cakes are quite good also, in my opinion.

    Austin chronicle readers rank this restaurant at 12 for 2008 as well

    The dish is $28, but the serving is extremely generous in my opinion. I think you get a lot of food for your dollar.

    1. III Forks would be a great choice, the price of the steaks includes your sides so it's really a better deal in my opinion than the other higher end places that do a la carte sides.

      An anniversary dinner would be the time to splurge a bit, and if you're going to spend $28 on a steak at a bar like The Belmont I would hope you could go $33 or $36 for a true steakhouse.

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        I will also give a nod to III forks, but note that III forks prices are noticeably higher than those at Ruth Chris.

        A menu with prices for III forks can be viewed here:

        If that link doesn't work, simply go to

        Choose "Austin", then go to the scroll down menu and choose "III Forks"

        Prices are more in the $35-$45 range at III forks.