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Sep 13, 2008 05:58 PM

Momofuku Ko Lunch

It's exquisite! I had dinner at Ko in July, and loved it. I've been trying to get another dinner reservation since with no luck. I tried for lunch and got the Saturday lunch reservation. Even though lunch is more expensive ($160 v. $100) and it takes longer (3 hours v. 2 hours), I actually prefer the lunch. It's such an extravagant indulgence. 16 creative courses perfectly paced over 3 hours. Since there is only one seating, there is no rush at all. Chefs are friendly, and service is knowledgeable and attentive. No attitude at all. I decided not to have the wine pairings since the last time I had them with dinner, and was slightly tipsy. I had a half bottle of a very nice blanc de blanc champagne that worked beautifully with all of the courses. I finished it before dessert which was fine. Courses ranged from a nice amuse of a corn cup with pork and a potato crisp with creme fraiche and ossetra caviar, followed by oyster, hamachi, fluke, scallop, lobster o-toro, deep fried poached egg, soup, sea bass, beef carpaccio, sea bass, the always wonderful signature dish of shaved foie gras torchon, riesling gelee and lychee, lamb, cheese, peach sorbet and corn and chocolate square. Yummy to all! My least favorite was the fluke (but I'm not a big fan of fluke anyway). Too many favorites to mention. Portions at first don't seem large, but after 16 courses, they're perfectly sized. I'm a fan and can't wait to get another lunch reservation.

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  1. Ellenost-
    Did you find much repetition in the courses you recalled from your dinner? We've been for dinner and realize that dishes like the shaved foie gras have become Ko signatures and consequently appear at lunch as well as dinner. Nonetheless, did lunch feel like a sufficiently new experience? We have a reso for this Saturday and I can't help feeling that I'd rather drop similar money at a sure thing like Jean Georges or a place we've yet to try like Anthos. Thanks in advance!

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      Millefeuille - I have not been to Ko for dinner, but my understanding is that except for the shaved foie gras, there is no overlap between the dinner and lunch menu. I'm a fan too, and am looking forward to going back.

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        Lunch is a very different experience than dinner. Other than the foie course (which has become their signature dish--I love it and was thrilled to see it on the lunch menu), Ko has purposefully crafted the menu so as not to repeat anything from the dinner. I enjoyed lunch so much that I've gotten lucky again to get a lunch reservation for this Sunday. I would exoect to see many repeats from last week (which is a good thing actually). Lunch is a much more leisurely experience since there is only one seating. I had a 12:20 reservation, and I don't think I left until after 3:30. I hope you enjoy lunch as much as I did. Please post after your lunch; I'd like to know how/if you enjoyed it.

      2. anyone have dinner recently?
        I have reservations tomorrow, and am wondering if there are any new 'fall' dishes.

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        1. re: ConOrama

          i was there last night - had a fantastic experience. from looking at recent write-ups, there are maybe one or two changes lately, but not too many. in a nutshell:

          amuses: chicharron, pepper biscuit, seafood sausage
          fluke in buttermilk dressing
          bacon dashi broth
          egg with caviar, onions, potato chips
          corn ravioli
          scallops with kohlrabi and pepperoncini puree
          shaved foie gras
          cantaloupe sorbet over cashew praline
          yellow cake ice cream with strawberries and peanut butter sand


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            Sounds yummy, and different courses than my lunch.

            1. re: adam

              Very exciting. Would liked to have tried the ribs, but I love duck as well.
              Thank you so much!