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Sep 13, 2008 05:50 PM

Need Help finding Crystal Hot Sauce in Raleigh

We're in the south right? I was at 3 different grocery stores today in search of my beloved Crystal and none of the stores carry it anymore

Where are you buying Crystal and are you?

Thanks for your help

- btw I'm in desperate need as I'm hosting a gumbo party tomorrow

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  1. I have seen it, but don't recall where. The grocers I go to most frequently (so probably spotted it there) are Lowes Foods on Capital by Sams/Target/etc., Kroger at Six Forks/by Cosco, Harris Teeter at Cam. Village. Slighter possibility of Capital Grocery, Food Lion, Fresh Market.

    Not much, but hope it helps!

    I think there is a place inside at the Farmers Market which carries a wide variety of hot sauces...Oh, A Southern Season would probably have it!

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    1. re: meatn3

      ah yes, maybe Capital is the ticket, bigger stores and a wider audience - used to find it at my local Lowe's, HT and Food Lion....imagine my surprise when i found no Crystal in any of the 3 today!

      I'll put the teenagers on a phone campaign tomorrow to 1) keep them out of my hair and 2) well, gee....what could be more important

      1. re: chicaraleigh

        I recently was looking for a specific BBQ sauce I knew I had seen in Raleigh, it took quite a while to locate it. There is a bit a variability in offerings even within the same grocery chain.

        BTW, the Lowe's on Capital is the regional clearance center, according to info from some of the staff. It is in a section by customer service. Sometimes there is some very good deals!

    2. Compare Foods at 2000 Avondale in Durham has an ample supply. You can also get any hispanic food ingredient you may need. It looks like there's one in Raleigh now, too:

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thank you! I can't find it in Safeway anymore and it's the best!

        2. When you find it, stock up, just in case. Their plant sustained damage from Gustav. They moved to the outskirts of New Orleans after they got flooded out from the 2005 levee breach. And they got hit again. Sad.

          1. I know this is late but all Publix supermarkets have them but it looks like there aren't any in NC. I order 12 packs online for less than $20...well worth it!