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Sep 13, 2008 05:32 PM

Looking for Hainanese Chicken with Rice in Toronto

Where can one get a great version of this dish ( in Toronto?

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  1. Many places. Downtown, I know Hong Kong Harbour on Dundas W, Pho Saigon and Laksa (both on Spadina). Now which ones are *good*, that is the question.

    According to Phonix on Woodbine is not bad.

    1. Whilst getting a take-out lunch from TenChaiKee on Hwy7 and Chalmers, I noticed a poster on the window of a restaurant next to it that claimed to make 'authentic' Hainanese Chicken and rice using 'free range chicken'!! This is a rarity in TO. In fact, according to fellow Singapore CH - Fourseasons, nowadays, even in Singapore, the use of the more tastier and chewy free range chicken in H rice is getting harder and harder to find. I'll make an effort to give it a try and report back!

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        Exciting! Just seemed like the perfect rainy weekend for this dish. I'll try the version at Bun Saigon and report back as well.

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          I actually drive to the Phoenix at McCowan & Highway 7 (it's actually a block north of Hwy 7, on Raymerville). I've heard people say the Phoenix on Woodbine is not very good...

      2. The above captioned recipe is only 80% great and authentic. The 'real' version actually uses herbed and spiced 'Sheung Tong' chicken broth to poach the bird and not just water with added herbs. The former methodology infuses much more flavour into the chicken. Also, for flavourful and 'textured' chicken, free range chicken is a must. Ice bath alone is not enough to create the desired chewy texture if ordinary chicken is used.

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          Interesting! Thanks for the tip as I was considering making this at home...


          Just posted a rec on this thread for Lion City in Mississauga - sorry, don't know of one in Toronto.