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Sep 13, 2008 05:03 PM

Hawaiian Plate in the Tampa Bay Area

Does anyone know of any good Hawaiian plate lunches in the area? Not Hawaiian fusion like Roy's, but a good solid plate with mac and rice? Thanks!

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  1. No, but if you come down to my house in Venice, I make a pretty darn good mainland version of Kahlua Pork Plate lunch or sandwich! <grin>

    1. There used to be a place in the Northwood shopping center in Clearwater but they did not last much more than a year. It was fairly good food and definitely different for this area. But it just did not make it.


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        I think the one in Northwood was called Lyly's or something like that. You're right - it was pretty good. Largo Mall had one that lasted for a few years before becoming an average sushi/Japanese restaurant.