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Sep 13, 2008 04:37 PM

Help - Vancouver BC trip

I will be in Vancouver, BC in two weeks and I am wondering if any of the wineries in the area are worth a visit. What I have read seems to point to good but not great. I will have only one day so no over night stays please. TIA

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  1. Many years ago, Blue Mountain made very good Pinots. I haven't been in that part of the world in a while and the wines are near impossible to get outside BC, so I cannot say if they are still very good... but they once were.

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      I wouldn't go out of my way to get to any of the wineries near Vancouver. All of BC's top wineries are in the Okanagan Valley, about a 4-5 hour drive from Vancouver.

      Instead, go to a nice restaurant and try out some of BC's best wines. Top wineries include Black Hills (look for their Meritage, called Nota Bene), Tantalus (for their outstanding riesling), Cedar Creek (esp. their Estate Select and Premium Select lines), Burrowing Owl, Golden Mile, Jackson-Triggs (their more expensive wines), and Quail's Gate. There are many others, but the above are some of my faves.

    2. Why not the Granville Island microbrewery instead of a

      1. Thanks so much for the replies, I was getting the feeling that they might not be 'worth' the time. I might just have to hit a wine store and buy some Okanagan wine to take home. I am not a beer drinker but the other half is, thanks for the recommendation for the microbrewery.

        1. I'll be there in October for the wine festival. There's lots going on in the Okanogan area.

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            Note: the OP states he will be in Vancouver for one day only; I think the 8 hour round trip drive to the Okanagan would be out of the question.

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              I really wish I could go to Okanagan, the wines sound very interesting but the schedule doesn't allow for it this trip(1st time to Vancouver and I am so looking forward to it :O). It will definetly be on my list of things to do next time though. Wine store will have to suffice. Thanks again for your posts!!

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                If you are looking to buy BC wine while in Vancouver, try looking up VQA on google. VQA stands for Vintner's Quality Assurance and is a set of regulations governing how VQA-approved wines must be made (i.e. in BC, VQA wines must be made from BC-grown grown grapes; imported grapes and/or juice are not permitted for wines with this designation).

                There are a number of retail stores in Vancouver specializing in VQA wines. Some sell VQA wines exclusively. These are the best places to find quality BC wines. An informed merchant can point you in the right direction to taste the best BC has to offer.

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                  The Okanagan wineries are well worth the trip . . . but ot on this trip! You simply don't have enough time.

            2. I would agree with other posters... Vancouver is one of the great North American cities. Even though there may be several quality wineries in driving range, spend your day IN Vancouver!