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Sep 13, 2008 02:54 PM

La Casa De Tortilla

So if you like Mexican / Baha type fresh ingredients, this little place in Somerset is really cool. They make their Tortillas fresh to order. Ive been there 5-6 times and the service is excellent and the food is great. Oddly enough its Asian owned Mexican so go figure but whatever, they are doing it right and for reasonable prices. I had a grilled chicken fajita combo with black beans, rice and I bought 2 extra tortillas and loved it so I thought Id post a nice message about the place.

If anyone knows of other little Southwestern / Mexican places like this let me know.

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  1. I just tried this place over the weekend, and the only disappointing thing was that we'd lived in the area for 5+ years and never been here before. The food was all really tasty and fresh, and the Grande Burritos were GRANDE. (We ordered two, but my wife and I will definitely split one next time since we each only ate half.) We also ordered the Nachos with Chili, which was delicious. Service was also wonderful - we'll definitely be going back.

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      Does this look like the correct address? Sounds great!
      La Casa De Tortilla
      2017 State Route 27
      Somerset, NJ 08873-3838
      (732) 398-0660‎

      1. re: shabbystorm

        Yep - that's it. It's in a kind of run-down strip mall, with a really poorly laid out parking lot, but don't let that scare you away. This place is great.

    2. This is place is right next door to Luca's Italian - cannot believe it has been there so long.
      This place is a well oiled machine, organized, and clean.
      Annie behind the counter is so kind!
      Enjoyed a Tostada Salad, it was beautifully prepared. Everything fresh with a bed of avocado on top. In addition, had a small sample of the grilled chicken buritto grande which came with fresh chips, and salsa. Portions are huge!
      Thank you for recommending. Will definitely return for more Tex Mex!
      Pictures below.