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Apple Pan Questions

I've gone several times and usually order the Hickory Burger. But how are the other sandwiches? I always think about the combination but chicken out and order the usual.

Speaking of the usual, can you get swiss instead of cheddar since it's used in the sandwiches?

Finally, the pie. I've always had the banana and am not a fan of the apple. The pecan is the only one remaining for me to try. Would I regret ordering it?

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  1. Yeah, I'm sure you can get any cheese on the sandwiches. If you like Egg Salad, it's pretty good here in that old fashioned kind of way of course.

    Pecan Pie is very good, especially with some Danish Vanilla ice cream or 100% real whipped cream to top it all off. You'll need either on there to cut the sweetness and richness of the pecans in there.

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      always love cutting sweetness and richness with ice cream

    2. I like the ham sandwich and you can ask for Swiss on it. Very tasty!

      1. The regular burger is one of the best I've ever had. I thought the ham sandwich was a definite disappointment, but the egg salad was good.

        1. i think the burgers are over-rated....but i LOVE the tuna salad. on toasted rye with cheddar it's great. i get it alone when i'm in a low-carb mode.

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            Another vote for the tuna salad! Usually my wife and I get one burger and one tuna salad and then split each.

          2. I am not a fan of the Pan. I can appreciate the nostalgia factor, the gruff servers, the old-fashioned cups and holders. But in addition to the hassle of parking and lining up for seats, I just don't appreciate paying twice as much as an In'n'Out double-double combo would cost. That being said, I do think their other sandwiches are better than their burgers. Then again, if I want to overpay for sandwiches right there, just go around the corner to Junior's. For a much better sandwich, Bay Cities to the west, Victor Jr.'s to the south, Philly West to the north.

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              Concur 100%

              $20-$25 for a skinny patty fast food burger, fries and pie, tax & tip is just too much.

              Mr Taster

            2. Maybe I should clarify one of the questions. If I ordered a steakburger, added cheese, can I can SWISS instead of the CHEDDAR?

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              1. the other burger (not hickory, is it just called the steak burger?) is also very good, although I usually go with the hickory. And I second the tuna sandwich. Although usually I go with the hickory burger. And I like the pecan pie too. Although usually I go with the banana cream. Can't go wrong with the the hickory burger and the banana cream pie.

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                  What if a hickory burger and banana cream pie cost $35... could you go wrong then? AP's "Quality Forever" does not justify the outrageous cost.

                  Mr Taster

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                    Is it wrong to spend $1,000 for dinner for two at Urasawa? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? What does it matter how much or how little you pay for your meal if you enjoy it and you aren't spending the rent money?

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                      Or $1000/lb for Noka chocolates...

                      Mr Taster

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                      I love In N Out too, love love love. But sometimes I do pay for sitting there at Apple Pan and enjoying my hickory burger and banana cream pie and chatting with my friend. Yes, I enjoy it and don't find the cost "outrageous". Sometimes we even split the banana cream pie.

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                        My folks first took me there in about 1953 when we used to pick up my dad at 20th Century Fox Studios. I loved the Hickory burger but have to agree that it is priced too high. But when you consider they could have sold out years ago(the property is worth a fortune) they really had to charge more to justify not selling. There are also plenty of "Yuppies" with lots of cash living close by.

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                          Yes, the yuppies really like to slum it.

                          I do like the burgers and most of the pies. And the cokes in those paper cones placed snuggly inside those tin canisters.

                          But yeah, when the burger hits $10 per that will be just too much for me.