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Sep 13, 2008 02:23 PM

Rehearsal Dinner On Kauai

We will be celebrating a family wedding in Kauai (renting houses at Poipu) and wonder if anyone has been to any of the local restaurants in that area for a rehearsal dinner there and what their experiences were? We have gone to Kauai for years and the logical choices are the Beach House or the Plantation (at the Kiahuna) but wondered if there is anything new?Family members include a chef, so good quality food trumps location!

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  1. Since my young wife, and I, were married in New Orleans in 1971, I do not know about a "rehersal dinner." Heck, I'm so old that even my friends' grandchildren usually do not invite me to their rehersal dinners!

    However, I did a series of reviews not THAT long ago on restaurants in the general area:

    You might be able to "read-between-the-lines," and deduce options.

    Trying to imagine a rehersal dinner, I can see The Beach House, Plantation Gardens (hope you get our bus-boy as the server, as our server was a total detriment to the total experience), Dondero's and Tidepool's, as possible venues.

    One consideration, if wine is to be part of your event, would be to negotiate something beyond the normal wine list, with the Plantation Gardens. Their wine list is a poor joke and the markup is about 450%. While the others are not cheap (remember, you ARE in "paradise"), they were head-and-shoulders above the Plantation Gardens' offerings. I am always ready to pay my fare, but I hate being abused for offerings that are readily available at the local Costco for 15% of the price. Give me something to ease the pain in my pocketbook - like maybe something that I don't see every day. Heck, I would have settled for paying 300% for our "house wines," but these were several levels below those! Bad stratagy, in my humble estimation.

    Wish I could help you more directly, but your request is out of my "wheelhouse." I'm just trying to imagine here.

    Most of all - Congratulations!!!! ... and enjoy.


    1. Aloha y'all!

      I live not far from where you are staying in Poipu. Of course, the BH or P are great places. Since you all are renting houses, why not cook? We have some of the loveliest, freshest ingredients here on island. And our restaurants are pretty sparse.

      One tip: if you go over to the north shore or east side, stop at TnT (spelling?) steakburgers in Kapaa. They are in the parking lot next to Otsukas and have the most awesome burgers. I am hoping he adds a truck to the south side of the island!

      Seriously, save yourself some big bucks and just cook at home. We have a beautiful Costco for fancy stuff too....

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      1. re: CostcoDependent

        We were there, just as they were putting the finishing touches on it. It did not open, while we were on Kaua`i, though we did check.

        Costco is often our first stop on various islands, for wine and fresh fruit. Though the crowds at the store on O`ahu are a bit of a turnoff, we do pick up our necessary items - wine, fruit and golf balls!

        Glad that the one on Kaua`i is now open.


      2. Sounds like a nice time! My sister was married at the Hyatt and had an outdoor dinner on the beachside lawn. It was lovely and catered from Tidepools.

        May be worth investigating.