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Sep 13, 2008 02:09 PM

Where can I find AMERICAN Cheddar Cheese in London?

Apologies if this has been discussed before but would anyone please tell me where I can find good old slices of American (sometimes aka Kraft) Cheddar cheese in London? I love English and European cheeses and I know what I am asking for is not considered real cheese by most. When it comes to making a good cheese burger or grilled cheese sandwich though I find that nothing beats it.

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  1. Do you mean the pre-packed squares which come with little sheets of plastic between each slice? Almost all supermarkets stock it right alongside real cheese (normally labelled "processed cheese"), and I agree it's just great on a burger!

    Had a burger with Shropshire Blue cheese in a branch of The Fine Line in London last week and it worked really well.

    1. Robin Joy is right that many supermarkets sell something similar. I've found that the best is at Marks & Spencer and is a low-fat product. Don't let that put you off... it really does taste a lot like Kraft (at least to me). These days I just buy a good Red Leicester, and I don't think Kraft can top the taste of that on a burger or in macaroni and cheese or for grilled cheese.

      1. As far as i know you can get Kraft 'food slices' (they legally can't call it cheese because its processed and doesnt classify as real cheese for some reason) at most supermarkets. You'll also find Dairylea slices which are different (white instead of yellow) , but also quite nice on a burger or in a toastie, IMO.

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          Thanks everyone. I will have a closer look next time I'm at the supermarket for the substitutions you suggest. The Red Leicester idea is something I would have never not thought of. I tried making a cheese burger with the local (Waitrose) cheddar cheese slices last and it somehow just did not do it for me. I gave up at that point and did not look any further.

        2. It's not Cheddar - but my solution to the American burger cheese problem in London is Monterey Jack from Whole Foods. They also have some milder Spanish Manchegos and goat cheeses that work on things like Mexican food, for which I find feta to be a totally unacceptable though oft-suggested substitution!

          You might also call Partridges - I don't think I have seen the cheese there but they stock lots of American products so you might get lucky.

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            Thanks abryan. Monterey Jack is another one I was after (for Mexican, or more accurately Tex-Mex food). By the way, I tried using Red Leicester cheese the other day....... ok, tastewise it's not bad but something was missing...... what I'm looking for is that balance of saltness and sweetness (which I'm sure screams "processed cheese" to anyone with decent tastebuds) and above all, that velvety texture you should get when it melts. In fact, I found that it took a while for it to melt and even then it was not the right texture. I had the same problem when trying to make Eggplant Parmesan recently. I used what is called mozarella cheese here (not the round bright white Italian type though; maybe that was what I should have used) and again, it seemed to just get burnt and hard instead of melting. Ditto for enchiladas. I sometimes feel that maybe I should just ditch my US-sourced recipes and stick to cooking with cheese solely with sauces (as in "cauliflower cheese"). I will have a last try at enchiladas with the Monterey Jack though - I can justify the trip to Kensington to pick up a few jars of Mexican green tomato sauce at Whole Foods. Sorry about my rambling but I wonder if anyone else has shared my frustrations.

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              As much as I like Red Leicester, I still think the closest I've come to American processed (Velveeta) is the low-fat slices from M&S. They do the trick for me. So much tastes different here, including burgers. I've yet to have one I liked... maybe the beef?