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Sep 13, 2008 01:29 PM

Lakeshorelicious (Mimico & New Toronto)

Although I'm naturally highly skeptical of our first annual Lakeshorelicious, it might still provide for a good new conversation about the highs and lows of eating in southwest Etobicoke. Lakeshorelicious runs from Sept 20 to Oct 18. for complete list of participants.

3-course prix fixe offerings range in price from an amazing $11.95 at George the Greek and Lee Thai Spring Roll to a seemingly-justified $35 at Casa Mendoza (apps: choice of calamari or tiger shrimp; mains: choice of New York AAA 10 oz striploin; fettuccini with fresh lobster; or salmon fillet). Eden behind the condos is offering 4 courses (salad, pasta, meat and dessert) for $30.

Cafe Du Lac ($30) is surprising since they often offer the same or similar meal for $20-$25. Indian prices also skyrocket at Everest ($20) and Bombay by the Lake ($26). Another contender for worst value includes the recently opened Maple Leaf House grill & lounge ($26) who are offering breaded calamari, quesadillas, or bruschetta for appetizers, and chicken focaccia sandwich, chicken supreme or pork loin chops for mains.

Al Lago wants you to trust the chef for $25.

Many other food businesses are encouraging visitors. Mark at the Village Butcher plans to do a barbeque every day. One interesting newer spot is Sitting Around Eating Bonbons which make their own mostly vegan organic fair trade truffles (most using soymilk) and their own ice creams (prepackaged in small or large takeout containers), though they don't outshine Sweet Olenka's just yet.

Another favourite, Tatsu's Bread, makes tasty lemon macarons, yeast-free breads, and brown butter madeleines in the European-Japanese tradition. Porcupine tart and other baked goods like brownies are typically dry and not very sweet.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my regular haunt, Chasers juice bar. Richard has started carrying "live" food - not cheap but certainly very healthy.

Although not officially participating, Lein Deli is well worth a visit for German meats and treats, though today's batch of hunter ham was so intensely salty I would not recommend it. New kid on the block Coffee Explosion (beside Birds 'n' Beans) seems to use Dark City beans (the menu still sitting on the floor lists Kalendar and Cherry Bomb) though the kid behind the counter is no barista and has absolutely no coffee knowledge (and the place is completely lacking in atmosphere) so I haven't yet bought anything there, and B'n'B has nothing to worry about.

Now, if only there was decent sushi (not Kaji!) and Chinese in the area...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Lee Thai Spring Roll mentioned that their 'licious portions are smaller than their normal menu which explains why they are only charging $11.95 for 3 courses!

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      1. re: Food Tourist

        Al Lagos is an interesting place. We've eaten there a few times. There is no menu and there are no prices. We've enjoyed very good meals there and the salad with the dressing is very good as well. Yes, if you want spaghetti bolgnese, then he'll make it for you. Or, tell him what you like, and he'll make up a dish for you.

        I would definitely give it a go, but be prepared to pay some bucks. He's a very nice person, from Pakistan and trained in Italian restaurants in and around the Toronto area. Ask him his life story and he'll tell you!

        1. re: maryfran

          Haven't been there in years, but I do remember it being a great meal, and a fun experience. I recall the waiter was also quite a character. Definitely worth a visit.

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            So how exactly does he price you .........???

        2. Food Tourist - I imagine you're from the area? Have you tried Al Lago then? So, you'd walk in and ask for, say, a spaghetti bolognese if that's what you were craving for, and then he'd make it for you? :) How does pricing work then.....? I might be working near that area coming up, should I try it?

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            For those of you asking how the pricing works? It really doesn't. I've been a few times and have paid different amounts for the same products. I guess the best you could call it is "Market Pricing" but it doesn't really appear to follow the market. He just prices it at what he wants and you pay! Food is good though...