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Sep 13, 2008 12:52 PM

Another Portland question--D.O.C.?

I just posted my long Portland trip report from my August trip under the heading "Portland in August"--but one thing I forgot to ask is whether any local hounds have tried the restaurant D.O.C. I couldn't seem to find anything searching this board. A friend of mine told me that it was recently (I don't know how recently) opened by the woman who runs Beast (and Yakuza, which she says is also good, next-door to Beast); I know it's just a stone's throw away from there. My friend says it's extremely interesting Italian food and she's had great meals there. I didn't have a chance to get there and am wondering whether to put it on my list for a future visit. It's hard to find much info on it.


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  1. FWIW, it was opened by a person that is a partner in both Beast and Yakuza. that being said, its not good enough to bother with. Tiny, hot, extremely loud space where you walk through the even smaller kitchen to the dining area.

    the food is interesting in the same way a bacon blue cheeseburger w/captn crunch is interesting. both alright in their own right, but they dont belong anywhere near eachother. Weird food pairings, what usually amounted to a good dish that gets completely obliterated by the addition of an ingredient or two that are completely out of place. Smacks of someone trying way too hard.
    Add in slow, indifferent service(in a typical portland kind of way, just amped up) and some truly terrible desserts and you pretty much have a "swing and a miss...." restaurant.

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      Huh. Thanks for info. And what do you think of Yakuza? My friend is also a fan of that place.

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        i would say Yakuza is decent. i would say its the fourth best izakaya in portland behind(in order of best to worst)Tanuki, Biwa, Yuzu.

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          I have seen great reviews for D.O.C. - keep in mind it has only been open for a couple of months, so with any new restaurant - it takes some time to get into the swing of things. The menu looks great and the wine list is really impressive. You can look at both on their website
          Also, I like the idea of going through the reminds me of my grandmother's house...

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            i said that exact same thing to people that i was talking to after my dinner there, 4food!! but, while i thought it was refreshing and quirky, others found it almost blasphamous! it seems to be a polarizing issue(im talking about the kitchen having a bit of a scatterbrained night)
            I too have been seeing some wildly varying reviews( i say review when i really mean, non professional opinion/review) and will have to try it again in the near future to see if some of the flavor and service issues have been addressed. I love this restaurants potential, just not its execution up to this point!

            1. re: nkeane

              Speaking from someone who values simple, traditional fare - this is definitely not what I ate at my grandmother's on Sundays. I am going to give it a few more months and check it out. I am looking forward to it, and agree - this place does have great potential. Cheers!