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Sep 13, 2008 12:10 PM

Ithaca baby friendly but good?

I need a Friday-night dinner place to go with my toddler while my spouse attends a conference at Cornell. The toddler likes fries and pasta. I'd like something a little nice but child-tolerant. Wine or draft beer available would be great. I don't know how mobile we will be so near campus would be great. But I'd like to hear about downtown options too.

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  1. Rulloff's is an option. It's a restaurant/bar, but doesn't get rowdy until 11 pm or so. Good atmosphere for dinner, and it's literally just off the edge of campus in Collegetown. People have mixed reviews of the food there, some dishes are better than others, but overall I like it. They also have wine and draft beer, since they're a bar.

    The Nines, also in Collegetown, has pizza/fries/etc., not sure about pasta, but they are known for their deep dish pizza. That's also in Collegetown, so certainly within walking distance from campus. They also have draft beer, I think they have more interesting beers than Rulloff's. Seems a bit louder around dinner time though, especially on a Friday.

    I'm trying to think of some downtown options...Lucatelli's, which is downtown off of Route 13, is an Italian restaurant with that typical white tablecloth nice Italian restaurant atmosphere, but it seems like a family place so I think they'd be baby friendly.

    From a Chowhound perspective though, these aren't the first restaurants in Ithaca that I'd recommend. The really great ones, though they might be accepting of toddlers, wouldn't have the type of food that a toddler would like...Taste of Thai, for example!

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      It now turns out that we're more likely to be downtown than on campus. And the toddler does like chicken satay and fried rice so maybe Thai would work. Is this place really great?

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        Yes, I really enjoy Taste of Thai and I've seen other Chowhounds on here also praising it. It's right on the Commons.