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Sep 13, 2008 11:29 AM

Cuban - Caribbean (esp. conch) - Central American in Ft Lauderdale

We're heading to Ft Lauderdale (my hometown, left in '89) for 1 week next week and I need to show my 5 friends a good time. Any recommendations for excellent Cuban, Caribbean, and/or Central American food down there? Bonus points for conch!

I've had good Salvadoran food at a place on 84 just west of Federal (forgot the name) and I like the conch at Ernie's, but any new options would be appreciated!


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  1. Nothing? No conch love?

    1. We really live Calypso for Caribbean and when they have conch (which they usually do) it's delicious!

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      1. re: pilches

        If you are looking for conch I would head to Calypso. I've been known to have an all-conch meal there...

        Conch chowder... conch fritters... conch salad... and their ultra-popular "scorched conch".

        Yummm just writing this I think I am going to have to drop by today or tomorrow!

        1. re: CFByrne

          CFB just a heads-up - my wife and I went for lunch last Friday and they were closed for vacation. I didn't notice the dates but you might want to call first.

          1. re: RickL

            Gak - thanks for the note. Yes, they always used to close pretty much for all of September. Darn. Now I'm going to be dreaming of conch for another two weeks.