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Sep 13, 2008 11:26 AM

Can anyone recommend a salad that kids

might like and will tolerate 90 degree heat?

Thanks so much.

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  1. fresh fruit salad. Just cut up watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, throw in some cherries, and whatever else looks good, and call it a day. :)

    1. Good idea, tzurriz. Filth, you may want to consider putting the dish in a second dish filled with ice or those blue freezer packs. Also, my friend was appaled that helpers at her annual block party were throwing away the leftover fruit salad which she was looking forward to having all week. Apparently, it was full of dead fruit flies! So maybe one of those net covers might be helpful.

      1. along the same lines, a diced apple salad with some raisins, nuts, sometimes i throw in japan/korean pear, even sliced strawberries. some dried fruit can also add some texture and sweetness. i usually dress mine with orange flavor yogurt instead of, or mixed with mayo. in the heat, i think i would leave out mayo. use different color apples and leave the skin on to give the salad color. For kids, definitely leave out the celery.

        1. How long will it have to sit in the heat?
          I will tell you what my own picky 10-year-old eats: a salad made with iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced radishes, carrots and onions and ranch dressing. I've been making Ellie Krieger's ranch dressing recipe from the Food Network site.

          1. Fresh corn salad.

            Boil ears of corn until just cooked. Drain and place in ice water to stop cooking. When cool, cut kernels off and toss with minced red onion or scallions, and minced herbs (basil, parsley, etc.). I mince the seasonings for the kids as they don't like the larger pieces of herbs. Toss with a dressing of equal parts cider vinegar and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

            The last time I made this, the pickiest kid went back for thirds.