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Sep 13, 2008 10:33 AM

Alderwood H Mart opening date?

Has anyone heard of a prospective opening date of the Alderwood H Mart? My mother will be in town at the beginning of October and I'd love to be able to take her there if it will be open by then. I live a little too far from Lynnwood for it to be convenient to drive by and take a look at construction progress.

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  1. There's another PNW thread that keeps tabs on construction work there. I'd say it's still a matter of months, not weeks.

    The location is listed on the Hmart web site, but no dates given

    1. The HMART is now open, and it is just so beautiful. The cashier i spoke to said it's only been open about 10 days, and zowie! Is it ever great! Everything is super clean and new! The vegetables are so beautifully arranged, and you can find Asian herbs like curry leaf that are hard to find in other markets, and then they also had the most fragrant guavas - a big pile of them - the aroma made me swoon. The meats selection looks great, with exotics like black silkie chicken, and black skin goat, and loads of pre-sliced meats. Seafoods looked great too.
      The dry groceries goods are of course more Korean-centric, but everything is beautifully arranged. Go Now!