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Sep 13, 2008 10:30 AM

HEB Al Pastor

This morning, for breakfast, I stir-fied some of HEB's prefab Al Pastor meat. The meat comes premarinated in a cry-o-vac pak, exhibiting an orange glow. It looked promising, ready to go. I also picked up some of the fresh beef fat tortillas from the refrigerated section of the store, a tomato, an avocado, and some rice and beans (no need to go into that, but Uncle Ben's high fiber Santa Fe mix is pretty damn good if you are in a pinch - and it boasts 22% fiber).

My first mistake was trying to stir fry the whole pack all at once. I should have drained the meat first. I have one of those outdoor woks with unlimited heat - the winds of Ike were tempering the fire this morning and the liquid from the pack was boiling. Next time, I'll do half batches, draining first, adding a bit of spice (the pastor needed some more citris flavor, a bit of sauce, and habanero), and get a good blackende trompe-like char.

My only point with all of this is that HEB, at least at Burnet/Koenig, just started carrying and easy at-home pastor option. If you drain and add some stuff to it, it's better than at least 60% of the pastor in Austin.

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  1. I saw this stuff at my HEB at McNeil and Parmer and was very intrigued. Thank you for the report and the tips on preparation. I like the idea of quick DIY pastor for hungry crowds at my house during football games. I may add a few bits of pineapple to make it a true faux pastor experience.

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      Great idea about the pineapple. I added a little salt and habanero salsa directly yo the taco. The pineapple would have made it....

    2. Thanks for the suggestion rudeboy. I'll pick some up when I am grocery shopping tomorrow.
      BTW- Love those tortillas. They remain my favorite grocery store find in the last year. Going to heat one up right now....

      1. For pre-marinated Al Pastor my favorite is at the butcher counter of any La Michoacana carniceria. The HEB stuff is good (on par with the rest of their pre-packaged marinated meats), but the preservatives and sodium in those things is through the roof.