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Sep 13, 2008 10:13 AM

Jam Asian Kitchen Martini & Wine Bar - Oakville

Has anyone visited this restaurant? Please let me know what your experience was like. We are looking for a nice place to celebrate my mom's birthday (there will be 6 of us). She loves Thai food so we wanted an upscale Thai/Asian restaurant in the Oakville/Burlington area.

If this place isn't that great, let me know if you have any other suggestions.


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  1. I'm not sure about Oakville, but I've been to the one in Port Credit for drinks. The drinks were excellent, well-made, etc. The Port Credit one doesn't seem like a place to eat a birthday dinner, more for drinks and small plates.

    1. I've had both good food and drinks at JAM however, I agree with tjr that it's more of a shared plates place. That said, both times i've eaten everyone has really enjoyed their food. For a birthday dinner I would suggest Soontorn Bahn Thai in town square right across the street. The decor is amazing, the food has always been pretty good, service is a little strange sometimes.

      1. JAM in Port Credit has one of the best bartenders in the GTA and she doesn't even realize it. Meghan has fine-tuned taste buds and infuses her own gin and vodka with everything from cucumber to durian. At a recent visit, she brought us amazing rosewater tropical martinis to taste test in time for Valentine's Day. Truly talented. Can't recommend the food, however. Street pad thai sounded promising but didn't deliver.

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          Went back for Monday $5 Martinis and Appy Hour. Their warm caramelized pear blue cheese salad is tasty, and they don't overcook the Fiji Shrimp. AVOID the $5 "dimsum". I suspect the drinks are consistent from bartender to bartender - they all seem well-trained and martinis were as good as last visit.

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            I agree (JAM in PC), their drinks are creative. I like how they have drink "specials"... I can't remember what I had but the name indicated that it had a ginger-y flavour to it, and they actually had fresh ginger minced in it. It gave quite a nice kick.

            And I also agree with food. Some are good, but pad thai is not done as well as others. However, I really think it's a super cozy place for a nice evening of drinks with close friends (not 10 of them, mind you). We return again and again for an intimate evening.

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              Meghan no longer works at Jam, and is now at Rawlicious. Too bad Rawlicious isn't a bar since it's certainly not a chow destination.

            2. I went to this restaurant the first time to celebrate with a large group. The food was delicious, however the space they sat us in for 12 people was just a small booth not really suitable for the larger crowd. We had a fairly large bill by the end of the night, and were generally satisfied. However our specific server for the evening was very 'touchy feely' with some of our married men. Inappropriate to say the least. Food great, service... to be desired.