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Sep 13, 2008 10:03 AM

Dogfish Head- Palo Santo Marron

Just happened to open this new selection up and was wondering what everyone else thought about it. One was definitely enough @ 11% ABV.

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  1. I think this beer is one of Dogfish Head's finest efforts. Here is the review I wrote on Beer Advocate, where I gave the beer an A+:

    Appearance: Looks almost like a RIS, although the color might be a tone or two lighter as ruby highlights clearly burst through; the head fades quickly to an espresso cap and leaves a few dots and dashes of lace around the glass

    Smell: Complex aromas from a variety of sources, including dark fruit, fusel alcohol, molasses and chocolate and, of course, a heavy dose of smokey wood esters

    Taste: Opens with a rich black bread and caramel flavor that moves in a dark fruit and smokey, woody direction by mid-palate, with a bit a black currant jam providing additional sweetness; after the swallow, the chocolate and coffee flavors enter and provide a roasty bitterness that counters the sweet flavors that dominated earlier in the taste profile; the smokey wood sticks around long after the finish

    Mouthfeel: Full bodied with moderate carbonation; clearly some warmth from the high abv as well

    Drinkability: I love Dogfish Head's experimental efforts and this beer is among the best they have released, if not the best

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      Great descript! Tons of molasses and fig. Good beer, but definitly a sipper for me at least. I also enjoy the creativity they put into their beers. The Midas Touch was good. Last year's Fort and Red & White were tough to drink at first, but laying them both down seemed to be better.

    2. I have to fully agree with Brett and my review on BA is pretty close in line.

      This is surely a sipper, a great beer, and packs a punch. It has so much character from being well made and is an absolute top notch offering from DFH.

      The smoke, wood, vanilla, sweetness, chocolate and malty flavors are so tightly put together and delicious, it is truly one of the best beers Ive had in a looooong time.

      1. A heck of a good beer.

        All the fancy talk has been used up, so I'll leave it at that.

        1. Yup, it is delicious. I had it in a bottle a few months ago.

          Dogfish Head rocks! I've been lucky to have visited their brewpub in Rehoboth DE and they really have some amazing stuff on tap there.

          1. I am in the minority here. I also posted a review recently. I found the beer too syrupy (is that a word?), undercarbonated (even for the style), and a bit like cold medicine. And I love Dogfish Head.

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            1. re: doho95fu

              It is indeed syrupy so if thats not what your looking for you wont like this one. Viscocity of a good motor oil, truly a sipper.

              The weird thing about the Santo is that Im not usually a fan of the style and didnt expect much but was blown away- loved the wood flavorings.

              I agree, Dogfish puts out some incredible stuff. Im looking forward to trying the Theobroma.

              1. re: yankeefan

                Yes! I had the Theobroma at the Dogfish Brewpub about 6 months ago. It was amazing. Very complex, and IMO more drinkable than the Palo Santo Marron.