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Sep 13, 2008 09:07 AM

What to order at Modern Apizza?

I'm going to Modern Apizza in New Haven today. I've read the clam pie (which is really what I had in mind) isn't as good as Pepe's so...What should I order at Modern?

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  1. It's been years, but my favorite at Modern was always the clams casino pie.

    1. It has been years for me too. The clams casino is good. My favorite was always the white clam. I remember it being just as good as Pepe's.

      1. whatever you order is gonna be good,but remember that less items is better,they make the crust to soggy.the clam pies pretty amazing,pepperoni is great too,everything is really,i just would not get the "everything".also make sure to tell them mozz on it ,one time they made our pie with american cheese,yuck,why they would even have american cheese still amazes me.a cheese pizza to go warms up pretty good at home on a pizza stone also. simpler is best.

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        1. re: im hungry

          I think the white clam is better at Pepe's ( or Bar) since they don't use Mozz.
          That being said, the plain tomato/mozz, or white pie with spinich and garlic is awesome at Modern. Sometimes I add eggplant and or hot peppers to the tomoto/

          1. re: mmalmad

            meatball and bacon with a rootbeer
            mushroom and green pepper
            plain pie is glorious and savory

            1. re: ElizabethHenton

              I love Modern's pies, but, alas, they don't use fresh clams on their clam pies, so while certainly decent, they are not "transcendent!" The bacon and mozz is really good and, in season, sliced fresh tomato w/garlic is delicious. Eggplant also rocks!
              One caveat....a few years ago, they built a second kitchen just for take out, and for whatever reason, the pies just don't travel very well. Even though we live only a few minutes away, the pies we bring home tend to be soggy...

              1. re: lsnhc

                They're soggy because MODERN serves GREASY pie.

        2. So what did you order? Reviews? I love the eggplant and sliced tomato red pie, light on the cheese.