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Sep 13, 2008 08:55 AM

Worcester area - date spots cozy/comfy

I am planning a first date in and around the Worcester area (not familiar with unfortunately) and was hoping for some recs.

Coffee shops, dessert and places with some light food fare would be very welcome. Not too ostentatious either as those times might come later but not on the first date. Places that allow a decent conversation to continue...

oh and this is a Wednesday evening....

thanks a bunch.

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  1. Maybe tapas at Bocado? It's definitely comfy, with lots of couch type benches, and sensibly priced. If things don't go famously, you could get our of there after one $6 course, instead of a $30 steak.

    1. I'd suggest Cafe Dolce on Shrewsbury St. for either dessert and coffee.