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Sep 13, 2008 08:23 AM

Sin and Redemption (McCaul St., Toronto)

Stuck at home today due to a mysterious bout of food poisoning and making a wish list of where I would eat if I could...

Couldn't help but notice that the aptly-named Sin and Redemption gastropub has opened across from Redemptorist-run St. Patrick's Church. My young priest friends in the rectory are genuinely thrilled, though their older parishioners are a little perturbed. Seems like a great venue for a future Theology on Tap or after-Church indulgence!

Has anyone overindulged in their bistro offerings or 32 beers on tap? Any idea of price range for main courses?

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  1. Although the beer list is pretty impressive, so far the food is a sin. Avoid the braised beef flatbread pizza and the frites. Eat dinner before you go!

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      i heard they have delirium available, but what else is impressive about the list? is most of it available on tap or by the bottle?

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        They do have Delirium available on tap. There are a couple of other good Belgian beers there too on tap. Everything else is in the mediocre range. The place is better than most sports bars, dives and frankly most bars in Toronto but isn't as good as the better beer places in town. The tap list is quite long.

        We had the meat, cheese, veggie and crackers platter. Meh.

        1. re: lister


          which "couple" of other ones were good? what were the "mediocre" ones?


          1. re: HarryLloyd


            That's the list. Opinions are plenty on what are good, mediocre and bad beers...

            1. re: lister

              i'd actually consider that a pretty promising list on the belgian front. now the question is how much are they charging? i'm finding that many of the beer bars in toronto are just charging far too much and raising their prices regularly. why pay $30 for a rogue when i can get it in buffalo for like $8!

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                16oz domestics 5.50 (one for 4.50)
                16oz imports 6.50
                10oz-12oz premiums 4.50-5.50

                not bad if you ask me.


                1. re: HarryLloyd

                  sounds pretty damn reasonable. can't stand paying min $8-9 a pint at beerbistro anymore.

                  1. re: HarryLloyd

                    And they were willing to pour me a half-pint, which was even cheaper.

                  2. re: pinstripeprincess

                    The Belgians look decent. DT is a classic, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Leffe and Affligem. It's good that they have a kriek, although Belle-Vue wouldn't be my first choice. The Koningshoeven (the Dutch Trappist beer) is supposed to be good, although I've never had it. I'm not all that excited about a lot of the other beers, though.

                    If the food isn't good, though, I'm not going to be spending a lot of time there. My wife doesn't drink any more, and I've been cutting back.

                  3. re: lister

                    The lack of even one Ontario microbrew on that list is disappointing. (No, I don't consider Brick to be a microbrewery.) As is the lack of even one Ontario VQA wine on their wine list.

                    1. re: gregclow

                      true enough... after having difficulty not stumbling into a place that didn't serve a single delicious microbrew in philadelphia it's sad that they wouldn't promote local here considering they are also in a location where there isn't much good beer competition.

                      speaking of which... i don't know what is what, but no half pints in philly either! love that it's a no brainer here and they'll gladly let me get my small glasses in toronto bars.

                    2. re: lister

                      we're in Ontario. that's a very impressive import list.
                      not sure why they have Bud and Keith's on tap, but hey, i guess they need something to wash the tables with after people eat :)

                    3. re: HarryLloyd

                      The night I was there they had a quadruple-fermented (10% alcohol) on tap. However, maybe because I was too exhausted to think, I ordered the Fuller's London Porter instead but didn't enjoy it.

                      Did I mention the "beer braised short rib flatbread" comes with horseradish on the side which does nothing to improve the taste?

              2. I don't know about the food... but this place is an eyesore!

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                1. re: JonasBrand

                  Eyesore how?

                  It's brand new, very chi-chi, romantic atmosphere, and has very comfortable seating. Interesting/eclectic decor includes church collection baskets, pictures of nuns, and moose-themed overhead lighting.

                  1. re: JonasBrand

                    I would agree the place is pretty... ugly, and the food is just as bad. You know you're in trouble when the 'belgian frites' are comparable to Burger King, and the ketchup even tastes off.
                    The decor seems a little outdated, and not a fan of the painted stone signage and font.

                    Beer selection and prices are pretty good though.

                  2. We went for a work lunch with about 16 people today. For these pub lunches we usually go to the Village Idiot because of proximity. We don't like the Idiot because it is usually overcrowded, the food is just regular, and the service is not super. We were looking forward to something different. Overall, the atmosphere was great. The decor was nice, and it felt very open, so good for conversation. The food was not superb but I would say that it was decent. I had the grilled salmon on a bagette with fries. The salmon was a little dry but the fries were good. For the cost, the portions were very adequate. The menu offerings were not hugely inventive, and I would expect more from a 'gastropub'. The 32 beers on tap were initially impressive. But many of them were just regular. I do like that they have a bit more variety with some Belgian beers at very decent prices. So as a neighborhood option, I'd say it was pretty good.

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                    1. re: cheeser

                      FYI, the owner is the same as the Village Idiot. We dropped into both places on Friday night. I enjoyed the selection on tap at S & R but prefer the beaten up pub atmosphere of the Idiot. The staff at both locations were fantastic, knowledgeable and happy to provide tasters of anything on tap.

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