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Sep 13, 2008 08:18 AM

MSP-Hot Sauce stores

Any chili heads out there know of any stores I can pick up some sauce at? I'm specifically looking for some CaJohn's 10.

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  1. Not sure what CaJohn's 10 is, but i recently made my first trip to Dragon Star Market at minnehaha and dale in st paul and can say they have a pretty impressive selection of hot things. theres about 5 feet of shelf space devoted to asian dried chilies, at least 100 different chili based sauces of various combinations including fermented black beans, shrimp paste, sweet things and more. oh and they carry a decent selection of mexican and african stuff too (the later is a total mystery to me, but the former includes a standard but pretty wide selection of spicy things). you may have to just buy a couple of things if the labels arent descriptive enough regarding taste/heat level, but ive never met a random bottle of hot sauce i couldnt find a use for.

    1. Give them a call on their 800 number, I'm sure they could tell you where it's sold retail here:

      CaJohns Fiery Foods • 2040 Oakland Park Avenue • P.O. Box 24010 • Columbus, OH 43224
      Toll Free: 888-703-FIRE • Tel: 614-418-0808 • Fax: 614-418-0800 • email: • website:

      1. If you can handle heading out to the Maul of America (or happen to be stuck there for some reason), there is a specialty store for this sort of thing on level 3 somewhere. Not sure what it is called. Don't know if they carry the brand you are loking for.

        *Edit* - I looked around a little to figure out the name of this place, and it would seem that it has closed down a couple of years ago. I don't go down to the mall much.