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Sep 13, 2008 07:49 AM

A New Yorker looking for places to dine alone in Montreal

After reading a fair bit posts/reviews of Montreal dining on this site and others I wondered if you could help me in layering an additional filter: great solo dining at the bar. A four day trip I was originally planning to take with my now x-girlfriend has become a one-man sojourn.

FYI I'm a 30 year old male and 8 year New York City 4-borough restaurant veteran...


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  1. Bar dining has never quite caught on in Montreal like it has in NYC and elsewhere, though there are still some appealing options. See the links below for a few names (note that Anise/Bazaar and Brunoise have both closed; L'Inconnu, the reportedly good resto that replaced Brunoise, may have retained their bar). Top of the list would be Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef. You might also consider the wine bars, my favourite being Bouchonné. But most places are happy to accommodate a solo diner at a two-top, which often has the advantage of being more comfortable if less interactive.

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      Hiya, here are a couple of other possibly-useful solo-dining threads:

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      Enjoy your trip.

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        Au Pied de Cochon, at the counter in front of the open kitchen, is my all time favorite for solo dining. Ditto the rec for Joe Beef, especially if Dave is working the bar. Cafe Ferriera is another place I would recommend.

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          I'm gonna try for both Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef during my stay. Thanks so much!

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            I second PDC (you get to talk to the chefs, and get to try stuff) and Cafe Ferreira (no chefs to talk to, but good food).

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            Thanks much. I tried searching through old threads but wasn't able to dig up the info you provided.

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              If you want a casual dinner, why not grab a pint and couple of plates of the daily offerings at Réservoir (@ 9 Duluth East)? They brew their own beer but their take on bar food is usually their main attraction. For more info, you could search it up on Chowhound. You could either sit a the bar or grab a small table and there are always newspapers if you want to catch up on local news. The atmosphere is quite laid back, it does get louder at night but definitely worth a visit.

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                L'express has a great bar and good food served into the late night. It/s a montreal experience---check out threads on it for more... (I don't know how to put the threads in my posting--can anyone help me with that?). Cafe Souvenir on Bernard also has a nice bar to eat at solo--food is only so so. You could also try the bar at Sala Rossa on St. Laurent near Villeneuve for tapas and friendly folk. It's the type of place where you could meet someone to take the sting off the breakup...

          3. Every time I go to le Jolifou, I always dine at the bar. It gives me the chance to see the action as it's right in front of the open kitchen. You can watch the sous-chef work and talk with him. If it's the guy with tattoos, whose name escapes me, he's quite friendly and will answer to all your questions. And the smells of roasted meats and fresh vegetables...