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Sep 13, 2008 07:27 AM

Which of these won't work (Portland with children)

We will be in Portland early October with a 5 year old and an infant. After searching your board, I have a list of places to try. We eat lunch and dinner early to beat any rush, and our 5 year old is very quiet, but then there is the baby.... We will be staying at the Westin downtown, so please feel free to add any places. Thank you, and I promise to give reviews!
Kenny and Zuke's
Pok Pok
Bijou Cafe
Noble Rot
Ken's Artisan Pizza
Le Pigeon
Clyde Common
OCI (only for lunch)

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  1. Dinner with a 5 year old and babe-in-arms?

    Kenny and Zuke's - definitely OK
    Fenouil - maybe not
    Pok Pok - maybe not
    Higgins - probably no
    Paley's - no
    Bijou Cafe - OK
    Noble Rot - probably not
    Ken's Artisan Pizza - OK
    Le Pigeon - I think the restaurant would be OK with this,
    but your children might not be. It's very small and close-packed
    Clyde Common - OK
    Wildwood - maybe
    Ten01 - no
    OCI (only for lunch) - sure, but why bother? This is hardly a culinary destination.

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    1. re: PDXpat

      I've eaten with a baby and a small child at Pok Pok, and it turned out great! The child especially liked the shrimp chips, and they both liked the sticky rice. Since we had six in our party, we were able to make reservations, which was very helpful as I don't think the kids would have liked to wait for a table.

      1. re: Nettie

        The noise level at Wildwood is so high I can't imagine anyone noticing.
        Otherwise, agree with PDXpat.

    2. Out of the above list, we tried Kenny and Zuke's (average sandwiches, but my husband raved about the Hungarian mushroom soup), Higgins, and Wildwood (both for lunch and both were wonderful). A late lunch was definitely the way to go with small children. We had a great breakfast at the Park Bistro (breakfast paella and brioche french toast with roasted apples). Honestly, I could have lived off the cupcakes from the Sugar Cube (chocolate and caramel) and coffee from the Spella cart that was close by.

      1. I would NOT take kids to Higgins, Paley's, Le Piegeon. I have taken my six year old son to Pok Pok, and while I felt totally comfortable in the restaurant, the menu was not your traditional thai and I didn't feel like there were a lot of items he was interested in eating, so that would be my two cents on that one. Noble Rot is much more of a wine bar-- not what I think of as kid friendly. I usually meet girlfriends there.