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Sep 13, 2008 04:30 AM

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - Oakland?

Looking for a reasonably priced and nice restaurant for a rehearsal dinner for 12 the night before we get married.

Any recommendations? Was thinking about Di Bartolo on Grand Ave in Oakland, but would welcome feedback...

Would prefer to pass on Chinese/Asian cuisine, as we typically eat that several times a week already.


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  1. The food at Di Bartolo is fine, but the food at Pizzaiolo is much better, and they have that big table in the back room that's perfect for a large party. Next door, Dona Tomas has a little room beyond the patio that would probably just fit 12, and you might be able to reserve the room. A Cote has a lovely little room in the back patio that would fit 12 well, or you could do the communal table on the back patio.